best fat reduction and skin tightening laser-assisted liposuction machine

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best fat reduction and skin tightening laser-assisted liposuction machine 


Product Description

Laser-based surgery is staking an increasingly important claim in operating theaters across the world. More specifically, a class of devices called high-power diode lasers (HPDLs) provides numerous advantages over instrument-based surgery as well as over other surgical lasers. The primary advantage of HPDLs is that they offer a wide range of wavelengths, which makes them attractive instruments for surgery.smartlipo ivy.jpg

What Is Laser Liposuction?

Laser liposuction is one of many advances in liposuction surgery, which is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States and many other countries. Other advances include water-assisted liposuction (Body-Jet) and ultrasound-assisted liposuction procedures such as Vaser-assisted liposuction.

Laser-assisted liposuction uses laser energy. The procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia or sedation anesthesia, depending on the amount of fat that will be removed.

The concept is simple: lasers heat the fat, turning it semi-soft and making it easier to remove via liposuction.

Just as in traditional liposuction, fluid is first injected under the skin in the area where fat is to be removed. This fluid contains a mixture of saline, local anesthetic and epinephrine (which constricts blood vessels and minimizes blood loss).BS-DL3 laser liposution1.jpg


Next, the laser energy is applied, and fat is suctioned from the body via cannulas (thin tubes) inserted through small incisions in the skin.

In addition to softening the fat for easier removal, the laser energy heats skin cells, stimulating the production of collagen. Collagen is the main structural protein found in skin, but its production slows with advancing age. Thus, by promoting the production of collagen, the laser energy is believed to not only aid in the removal of fat but also improve the skin’s appearance.

Are You a Laser Lipo Candidate?

If you have mild to moderate amounts of excess fat and skin laxity, laser lipo may work for you. Skin tends to become lax after about age 35.

If you are about 20 percent overweight or less, you are probably a good candidate for liposuction of the face, abdomen or other body area. The procedure is not a solution for obesity. If you are in good physical condition and have good muscle tone, you will likely respond very well to laser liposuction because your muscles will provide underlying support for the tissues.

Laser lipo can be used on the thighs, abdomen, arms, knees, face and neck, as well as on back fat rolls. It’s also useful in treating gynecomastia (excess male breast tissue), or ”man breasts.”BS-DL3_004s.jpg

Preparation for Laser Liposuction

You should ask your physician for specific instructions, such as whether to stop taking certain medicines before your surgery. If you smoke, it is important to kick the habit before laser liposuction or any surgical procedure. In addition to all of its other negative health effects, smoking also impairs the healing process.

Results of Laser Liposuction

After the procedure, you will likely notice a better silhouette and profile in the treated areas. Results can be noticeable after a week with laser liposuction, while traditional liposuction can take two to four weeks. The results may be more immediate with laser lipo because the fat removal is reported to be less traumatic. Besides a reduction in the amount of fat, you can hope for some improvement in skin tightness. Advocates consider this a plus over traditional liposuction. It may be several weeks to months before you notice the skin changes because it takes time for the body to produce new collagen. It is the new collagen that gives the skin a tighter-looking appearance.

Bruising can be less extensive with laser liposuction than with traditional lipo because lasers can coagulate small blood vessels.

Swelling should be expected, and your doctor may order a compression garment be worn for a variable period of time.

You can expect to be back to your normal activities in three to five days. Strenuous exercise should be put off for three or four weeks, typically. Ask your surgeon for specific advice.


BS-DL3_new ivys.jpg

BS-DL3 high energy diode surgical laser can realize the wonderful vaporization, incision and coagulation of the tissues with high power beam laser from fiber. It’s widely applied in ENT, orthopedics, vascular surgery, gynecology, urology, dermatology and General surgery departments. The diode laser has quick vaporization effect and good hemostatic effect. The laser beam has no electric stimulation to nerve and tissue, much less down-time and pain in treatment. The laser can match all kinds of endoscopies by using optical fiber of different diameters so as to provide flexible applications in open surgery. When equipped with cannula, it can be used for laser operation.


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-E.N.T. : Staphyloplasty, cavernous hemangiomas, nasal hemorrhage, nasal sinus fenestration, rhinitis (chronic,hypertrophic,allergic), nasal polyp, turbinectomy, adenoidal hypertrophy, partial amygdalectomy, subglottic stenosis
-Dentistry: Dental hypersensitiveness, gingivitis, pericoronitis, apicitis, temporomandibular arthritis, recurrent oral ulcer
-General surgery: Adenomammectomy, hepatectomy, splenectomy, hemorrhoidectomy, appendectomy, lumpectomy, herniorrhaphy, rectofistula, -laparoscopic cholecystectomy, synechiotomy
-Orthopaedics: Percutaneous Laser Disk Decompressuer, meniscectomy,synovectomy
-Other Applications: Gastric & Intestine Dept., Stomatology Dept., Dermatology DeptBS-DL3_Vet-4s.jpg


- High quality solid diode laser at wavelength 810nm
- High frequency up to 10Hz, much faster than similar products on market
- High energy up to 15W output, to ensure treatment result
- Easy connective fiber and handpiece
- Maintenance free
- High mobility
- Easy to use software to facilitate operation


In general, the wavelength range between 810 and 980 nm is the most established in HPDLs, yielding the highest efficiencies and output powers per bar. Aside from surgery, which will be discussed in greater detail, these wavelengths are used for cosmetic applications, hair removal, dentistry, biostimulation, ophthalmology and varicose vein removal. In addition, the 1064- and 1210-nm wavelengths are used in the cosmetic industry for hair and tattoo removal as well as for liposuction. Laser radiation at 1210 nm is absorbed by adipose tissue, which is depleted. HPDL wavelengths in the infrared range from 1320 to 1940 nm are used for dermatological treatment such as acne removal and for endovenous laser treatment. High-power diode lasers at 1940 nm can be used as surgical substitutes for thulium lasers.BS-DL3_new ivy2.jpg




Features of BS-DL3 810 nm / 980 nm(optional) diode laser surgical systems | laser lipolysis:

  • High quality solid diode laser at wavelength 810nm

  • High frequency up to 10Hz, much faster than similar products on market

  • High energy up to 15W output, to ensure treatment result

  • Easy connective fiber and handpiece

  • Maintenance free

  • High mobility

  • Easy to use software to facilitate operation

BS-DL3 810 nm / 980 nm(optional) diode laser surgical systems | laser lipolysis Specifications

  • Laser source: Solid diode laser

  • Laser wavelength: 810nm

  • Laser frequency: 1 – 10Hz adjustable

  • Laser energy: 1 – 15W adjustable

  • Housing: Fiber-coupled diode laser

  • Operation mode: CW, single pulse, repetition pulse

  • Transmission: Contact: fibers of 400μm, 600μm and 1000μm with SMA905 Non-contact: fibers and tips

  • Pulse width: 100ms-1s,

  • Pulse repetition rate: 1Hz-10Hz

  • Aiming: 650nm diode laser, power < 5mw, brightness adjustable

  • Safety: Laser Class IV, IIB

  • Working Environment: 10 – 28℃ 30~80%RH,500~1060hPa

  • Power Specification: AC220V/50Hz, 16Abefore after.jpg





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best fat reduction and skin tightening laser-assisted liposuction machine 

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