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ARKTOS Gold Instant Formula
ARKTOS-2 is a high-efficiency gold fast solvent
Applicable industries: gold and silver jewelry sales and repair shops, circuit boards, CPUs and other electronic processing industries (precious metal recycling in gold plating and banking industries)
Ban for illegal profits!!!
The characteristics are: the solution is clear and transparent, quickly dissolving, harmless and environmentally friendly, no sound, no temperature, no smell, no gas, PH value of 11-12 can be used continuously, gold solution can be stored for a long time. Later, gold and silver can be replaced by zinc powder replacement or conventional electrolysis methods.
Exterior:Gray powder
Fast dissolution rate, replace sodium cyanide, nitric acid, sulfuric acid method
Environmental protection, safety, no pollution
Calculate the ratio
Concentration: 50 g/liter of gold leaching agent, water temperature 20 degrees, fully dissolved, and insoluble materials discarded(control PH12-14)
Due to the different raw materials for gilding, the use amount, water temperature, and pH need to be tested for the best results。
We only provide reference values,Please wear gloves,
ARKTOS gold-speed solution feel similar to washing powder, strong base, a burning sensation in the skin wounds

CPU gold extraction is to melt gold in the form of ARKTOS-2 solution. . We can use this process to suck gold from the gold-plated surface. Chemical Gold Solvent Extraction

ARKTOS 1 20g-50g
Aarktos -2(Gold accelerator ) 20g-50g
Water (1 L)
Temperature: room temperature (you can test to increase the temperature by yourself, and test the best temperature)
ARKTOS 1 and 2 ratio and water temperature can be reasonably matched according to personal needs

Fill chemical substance gold extraction that mixed into beaker CPU

The gold in CPU is melted by the chemical substance

Observe gold in CPU is melt out or not? Loch at the color It becomes white that means the gold melt out, From the writer’s experiment can show the chemical, liter can melt some gold most 25-50 grams; Gold melt depends on the flaws. If the material has more flaws, gold can less melt. This means, the chemical substance is saturated, It cannot melt more gold.

Pour gold water from the CPU out. You can use distilled water cleanup CPU again. But you must use the least distilled water because we want gold water the most strongest.Water that has gold melt will be dirty. You have to filter as shown below

Fill zinc powder in gold water 10 grams.Add nitric acid, remove excess zinc and silver, remaining gold

Sponge gold after cleaning Drying sponge gold Ready for calcination Melting sponge gold

Pure gold cooling Get pure gold Weighing

Discard the waste solid after cleaning with clean water.
Waste liquid regulation neutral PH sewer discharge

Those who can see the last are all enthusiasts, and there are good videos, pictures, and methods that can be sent to me.
Standard packaging

Off-white powder 400g
There is chromatic aberration in the light problem
400 grams of white powder with irregular small pieces
Gross weight 1 kg

Mode of transport
1. Warehouse-to-door transportation dedicated line, low cost, long time, no waybill query record (ocean, highway, railway)
2. Warehouse-to-door international express transportation, fast, often have preferential prices, the waybill number can be inquired (air freight)

Packing instructions
Because it is a chemical product, powder, so choose the wordless packaging to facilitate transportation
Minimum shipping standard: 1 kg gross weight,
Please consult for actual quantity

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