Low price Polyacrylonitrile fiber with China manufacturer PAN fiber for concrete reinforcement

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 Polyacrylonitrile fiber is a kind of fiber product used for cement and asphalt concrete reinforcement. Compared with polypropylene fiber, polyacrylonitrile fiber has higher tensile strength, better ultraviolet resistance, high temperature resistance and cold resistance, which can significantly reduce the early cracking of cement concrete and enhance the anti-seepage performance. It can significantly improve the toughness and strength of cement concrete, enhance its antifreeze ability and prolong its service life. The product is used in asphalt concrete, which can improve the high temperature stability, low temperature crack resistance and durability of asphalt concrete.PAN fiber, also known as polyacrylonitrile fiber, is a synthetic fiber made by wet spinning or dry spinning of copolymers of more than 85% acrylonitrile and the second and third monomers. Because of the hydrophilic group, the fiber has good hydrophilicity and good dispersion in cement matrix. Compared with polypropylene fiber, it has higher elastic modulus, fracture strength and aspect ratio. The elastic modulus increases with the decrease of temperature in low temperature environment, which greatly improves the frost resistance of concrete. Although the fiber has the same acid resistance as polypropylene fiber, it has poor alkali resistance. The high softening temperature makes it unable to melt spinning, only solution spinning is usedFedFiber as one of polyacrylonitrile fiber manufacturer can produce different specifications .


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1.Improve the crack resistance of concrete

It has good bond with cement, which can support aggregate, reduce bleeding and prevent settlement crack.

Adjust the water content to avoid the drying shrinkage cracks caused by the evaporation of water too fast.

Adjust the temperature stress of concrete due to hydration heat release and external temperature change to reduce the crack level.

2.Improve the impermeability of concrete

Fiber greatly reduces the size of the pores and the number of connected pores in concrete, and effectively improves the impermeability of concrete.

Improve the frost resistance of concrete

Fiber can weaken and release the damage strain capacity of concrete accumulation by strengthening the crack resistance of concrete; In addition, the elastic modulus of fiber increases with the decrease of temperature, which makes the fiber have good load transfer and crack control ability; The fiber can release and eliminate the frost heaving stress by introducing a certain amount of bubbles.

3.Reducing the shrinkage performance of concrete

Fiber can improve the continuity and uniformity of concrete materials by strengthening the crack resistance of concrete, and the absorption of impact energy by fiber can effectively improve the impact resistance of concrete.

4.Improve the flexural toughness of concrete





Main uses

Cement concrete:

Dam of water conservancy and hydropower project with cement concrete pavement and protective fence;

Spraying / pumping concrete for airport runway and apron pavement;

Basement side wall, floor and roof waterproof, reservoir, swimming pool and decay pool;

Internal and external mortar plastering of overpass, pier, warehouse and building;

Precast concrete slabs and components;

Asphalt concrete:

New and old asphalt concrete pavement overlay;

Asphalt concrete wearing course and air film layer are laid on the bridge deck;

Thin layer asphalt concrete overlay of old asphalt pavement and old cement pavement;

Strengthening of airport runway and apron;

Road surface reinforcement and repair, road edge strengthening;

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100% Acrylic


Monofilament / 





Melting Point


Ignition point


Acid &Alkali Resistance


Water absorbency :


Tensile Strength

750Mpa MIN

Elastic Modulus

10GMpa Min

Crack Elongation: 




Directions For Use

1-4kg/Ton,The specific quantity , according to the engineering needs.


 Type Pakcing: 2kg/PE bag, 20kg/woven bag 



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