Female favorites Oil Bath Beads Long-lasting Fragrance Oil Pearl for Skin Care

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Product Overview


Female favorites Oil Bath Beads Long-lasting Fragrance Oil Pearl for Skin Care

Product Description

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A fragrant aromatherapy bath Spa-Like Relaxation
Moisturize and soften Skin are the basic functions of the bath oil pearls. Through the combination of different ingredients formulas, it can be achieved maintain moisture, prevent dry skin; promote blood circulation, improve skin texture; effectively kill bacteria, prevention of skin diseases, make the skin more moisture, luster, maintain body fragrance. They come in a variety of scents,colors and shapes to help you take the edge off and relax.
With so many formulas, shapes, colors, and fragrances to choose from, you’re sure to find your favorite customized moisturizing bath oil pearls for your private label brands!
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How To Use

Drop a handful of these cute and colorful beads into your tub or jacuzzi under warm running water.The warm water will loosen the
bead's membrane, softly breaking it open to spread a light layer of moisturizing oil to soften and renew the skin.
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Quick Release, No Residue, No Greasy
"Milk" bath pearls quickly release essential oils. The water in the bathtub instantly turn milky white, like a milk bath when the contents are mixed with water. Essential oils make the skin moisturized and delicate, the skin will not feel tight,and it has a good cleansing function. After using the "milk" bath beads, the skin feels very clean.Not greasy, No residue,without the trouble of bath cleaning.
Quick Release Essence Oil
No Gelatin Residue
Long Last Scents
No Irritate Skin


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Custom Bath Pearls
If our existing formulas do not meet your needs, we can develop a custom formula to precisely satisfy your requirements who wish to customize the products by adding unique and popular ingredients. MEGIO team can provide technical assistance to help our clients mix their additives of choice into our products.
Custom colors
Customized colors in Pearlescent or transparent appearance. With the Pantone number, the Bath Pearls can match your favorite custom colors.
Variety of shapesBath Oil Bead Pearls


Custom Shapes
Below are our existing molds: Pig,Kangaroo,Rabbit,Turtle,Bear,Duck,Penguins,Dolphin,Strawberry,Apple,Heart,Lips,Sunflower,Star,Fish,Round,Frog....
If these shapes are not what you like, customized shapes are available.
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Guangdon Megio Bio-Tech Co.Ltd.
Over the past 10 years, many partners have joined hands with MEGIO to turn their creativity and ideas into reality, created their own brands and achieved success! Together with MEGIO, they explored solutions that ensure high quality, reliable quality, and rapid development of their brands. MEGIO provides you with the equipment and environment to build your brand. You are welcome to visit our GMP cosmetics production workshop, a neat, clean and high-capacity moder workshop.
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