Stainless steel 2.5 inch back connection 300 bar high pressure gauge

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Product Overview


Y-100BF Stainless Steel Vacuum Pressure Gauge for steam boiler

Product Description

The vacuum pressure gauge is used to measure the pressure or negative pressure of non-crystallized, non-solidified liquid, gas or vapor media that has no corrosive effect on steel, copper and copper alloys, and has no explosion hazard. The shock-resistant vacuum pressure gauge is used to measure the negative pressure of a non-corrosive and non-crystalline medium under vibration and pressure fluctuations. Electric contact pressure vacuum gauges and electric contact vacuum gauges are used to measure (pressure) and negative pressure of non-crystalline, non-solidified liquids, gases and other media that have no corrosive effect on copper and copper alloys, and have no explosion hazard. When the pressure reaches a predetermined value When the value is set, with the help of the contact device, the control circuit can be connected or disconnected, and an electrical signal can be sent out at the same time.




1.5'',2'',2.5’’,4”, 6”,8'',10''(40mm,50mm,63mm,100mm, 150mm,200mm,250mm)


Full  stainless  steel,iron


Common glass or Safety glass



Minimum: 0~0.1Mpa

Maximum:   0-100Mpa

Minimum negative   pressure: -0.1Mpa

Maximum negative   pressure: -0.1~2.4Mpa

Accuracy Class(Indication)


Accuracy Class(Setting)


Quantity of Contacts

1 or 2, (Φ 100mm, 3 or 4 contacts available)

Maximum Working Voltage

AC380V or DC220V

Maximum Current


Contact Power

Temperature Effects


When temperature deviates from 20 ± 5°C, the error

Connection Size

1/8",1/4", 3/8",1/2";



Protection Class

Standard type: IP 54;Vibration-proof type: IP65

Filling for vibration-proof style

Special silicon or glycerin liquid filled

Temperature Effects

When temperature deviates from 20 ± 5°C, the error

Environment condition

Temperature -40~70 ; Relative Humidity 85%

Shock-proof class

V*H*3 for YXC type V*H*4 for YXN type

Technical parameter of electric contact

Max. Working Voltage: DC220V; AC380V

Max. Power on Contact: 30VA (Resistant Loading)

Control Way: by adjusting magnetic contact switch

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