natural cork flooring for home decoration

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Product Overview




The best natural cork flooring type for decoration


Material: Cork

Size: 600*300mm, Thickness 4 mm (Paste type)

305*915mm, Thickness 12 mm (Floating lock type)


Cork flooring introduction:

-Cork floor features:

1. Non-slip antimicrobial, waterproof, pest control, mold cork floor filth, cork did not contain starch (common wood floor containing starch ingredients), prevent bacteria and microbial enter, floor surface is smooth and tidy, clean and convenient, antistatic, cleaning, for you to create a healthy living space.

2. Nature, warm air - comfortable and cordial cork is a natural insulator, balloon inside the structure of the full of 62% is not only energy-saving materials but also the temperature insulation. Its surface temperature is often keep at 20 degrees.

When barefoot walk on the cork floors the temperature is much warmer than walking on the PVC flooring and solid wood flooring.

Cork floor is known as "the floor of the Pyramid tip consumption". Cork is mainly grown in the Mediterranean and the same latitude of China's Qinling area of cork oak oak, and cork products of raw materials is the Quercus variabilis oak bark (the bark is renewable, The recycle lifetime is 7 to 9 years), and solid wood flooring compared more environmental protection (the whole process from the collection of raw materials began production until the product whole process), sound insulation, moisture-proof effect and will bring excellent foot touch feeling. Cork floors are soft and warm, quiet, comfortable and durable, the accident for the elderly and children fall, can provide great cushioning effect, its unique sound insulation and thermal insulation performance also is very suitable for the application in the bedroom, meeting rooms, libraries, recording studios and other places.


Cork floor density


Cork floor density is divided into three 400kg-450kg/ cubic meters; 450kg-500kg/ cubic meters; more than 500kg/ cubic meters. General family selection of 400kg-450kg/ cubic meters, if there is a heavy indoor, can be slightly higher, in short, can choose the density of small as far as possible, because it has a better flexibility, insulation, sound absorption, vibration absorption and other properties.


Cork floor quality


Cork flooring choice first look


Whether the smooth surface of the floor sanding surface, there is no drum convex particles, the cork particles are pure.


Selected floor length is straight or not, the method is: take 4 pieces of the same floor, shop on the glass, or a relatively flat on the ground, the assembly whether or not the commissure.


Test plate bending strength, the method is will two diagonal lines of the floor and rejection, view the bending surface cracks, without it is high-quality goods.


Bonding strength test.


Will small sample into open blisters, found the sand light smooth surface into a toad skin like, uneven surface, this product is unqualified products and meet quality product water surface should be no obvious change.


Cork flooring


Cork flooring is divided into. The paste and lock, lock type cork flooring and strengthen wood floors, wood composite floors suspended paving technique is used in everything


The paving of the paste type cork floor is a current self leveling cement paste system in Europe and America. The construction process is more stable, quiet, damp proof and antiseptic.




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