Ultrasound guided surgical training model Medical model of venipuncture arm surgery

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product name
PTA training model under ultrasound guidance
Shenzhen, China
Medical training practice teaching
Medical training model
certificate of patent
Alloy suitcase packing plus carton packing

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product description
The product has the characteristics of postpuncture automatic repair, good texture and high simulation, which is suitable for various medical colleges, hospitals, training centers for the training of intravenous puncture, PTA under PICC, ultrasound guidance and other technologies.

Working principle
This product is made of special silica gel by injection molding with special technology. Its internal structure simulates the distribution of arteries and veins on the body surface of human body, venous stenosis lesions, and anastomosis of arteries andveins at different angles. It also simulates the blood flow with a blood flow value of 1000ml per minute

Product Parameter
The product model is the upper limb simulation model, which is made in 1:1 proportion of human body;
Under ultrasound, the vascular structure of the model was clearly visible;
According to the structure of autologous fistula in hemodialysis patients, the internal vessels of the model are designed with
anastomosis and multi-stenosis, which can be used for ultrasound-guided puncture and ultrasound-guided PTA training.
The depth of blood vessels in the model varies, and the size of blood vessels varies from large to small;
The product adopts exclusive technology, can be repeated operation, no leakage;
Equipped with automatic blood circulation system, flow per minute ≥1000mL /min. After puncture, blood returns, and the
circulatory system supports DC and AC power supply modes.
The model comes with a portable carrying case for easy storage and carrying.

Product Invention Background
Vascular access is the "lifeline" of dialysis patients, which is of vital significance to dialysis patients. Vascular access
stenosis is the most common complication of vascular access, which will seriously affect the dialysis quality of dialysis
patients. At present, percutaneous endovascular angioplasty (PTA) is the most direct and effective way to solve vascular stenosis. PTA is conducted under the guidance of ultrasound, and students need repeated practice, such as puncture, guide wire feeding, catheter balloon feeding, etc. Some molds existing in the market have the following problems in use:
1. At present, there is no narrow part in these molds, which cannot achieve the training effect;
2. These molds are expensive and easy to be damaged. After being damaged, there is no way to repair them.

In order to solve these problems, our company developed this patented technology arm model

Application status of ultrasound-guided puncture technology: it has become popular, but it is difficult to master and there is no good training method In clinical nursing, with the popularity of ultrasound, ultrasound-guided puncture has become a new necessary technique and challenge. The technique first finds the vascular site that can be punctured under the guidance of ultrasonic images, and then adjusts the Angle of the puncture needle to puncture. This technique requires nurses to be proficient in the use of puncture needles, as well as good reading ability of ultrasound images and in-depth understanding of human anatomy. Nurses must go through a lot of training and long hours of practice, to master the acquisition of the corresponding skills. At present, effective and systematic training methods are lacking at home and abroad. Nurses are trained through clinical practice, mostly under the direction of the attending physician, with limited access to cases and with patients at great risk. Application departments: nursing department, dialysis center, PICC, pediatrics, tumor, anesthesia......

Product structure composition
This product is composed of simulation arm, pipe, water storage tank, water pump and other components

Operation instructions and cleaning
1. Pour clean water into the water storage tank, and the amount of water is 80% of the water storage tank. 

2. Connect the power supply. Use the plug to connect 220V 50Hz household electricity, or connect the USB cable port to the mobilecharging bank. 

3. The water pump starts to operate, and the water flows along the blood vessels in the simulated arm. The training of
venipentesis under ultrasound, PICC and PTA can be started. 

4. After the product is used, unplug the power supply and pour out the water in the tank to dry. 

5. Remove the coupler and other stains on the surface of the analog arm with a wet cloth. After drying, apply a layer of talcum powder for storage.

Portable metal packing case

Portable metal packing box is convenient for the storage and carrying of teaching AIDS. The appearance of the metal box is simpleand generous. It is anti-pressure, anti-collision and moisture-proof for the storage of teaching AIDS

Business filing certificate of category II medical devices

Certificate of patent for utility model
Product patent name:
body cover with infrared ray and pressure compound function

Certificate of patent for utility model
Product patent name:
body cover with infrared ray and pressure compound function

Practice training of PTA operation for internal leakage under ultrasound guidance
The doctors and students practiced with the model, conducted PTA under the guidance of ultrasound, and searched for vascular and stenosis sites and carried out dilation under the guidance of ultrasound, requiring repeated practice, such as puncture, guide wire feeding, catheter balloon feeding, etc

Company Profile

Shenzhen sinuoda Medical Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen sinuoda Medical Technology Co., Ltd,Focus on clinical training, research, production and sales of teaching products. At present, the company's main products are ultrasound-guided PTA training model, ultrasound-guided renal puncture model.


Q1. Are you a manufacturer?
-Yes, we are a manufacturer with over 3000 square meters and more than 100 personnel.

Q2. What products do you produce?
- We specialize in clinical training, research, production and marketing of teaching products

Q3. Can we use our logo and design?
- Of course, we provide OEM/ODM services.

Q4. How much is the sample cost?
- Samples and shipping charges will be required.

Q5. Do you check finished products?
-Yes, every step in the production process will be checked by our quality control team.

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