lab reactor Intelligent 25 positions COD reactor LH-25A Digestion apparatus

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Laboratory digester with 25 positions
Hole height:80mm

LH-25A intelligent multi-parameter reactor adopts high-definition touch screen, high polymer engineering plastic shell, streamlined appearance design. Stored 6 digestion procedures and 3 custom digestion procedures, the technical indicators fully meet or In line with or above national standards. It is a good helper for you in the experiment work.


(01) Large screen LCD display, user-friendly menu design, operators can quickly master the instrument operation method;
(02) Independent design mold shell, artistic and generous.
(03) Built-in 3 kinds of digestion program (COD, total nitrogen, total phosphorus,) and 1 sets of custom digestion procedures are stored, which is more intelligent;
(04) The technical indicators fully meet or In line with or above national standards;
(05) The temperature and timing can be adjusted freely in a large range. Improve instrument versatility;
(06) Has the over temperature protection function, automatic stop heating when the preset time is reached, save energy;
(07) The transparent protective cover allows the whole process of the experiment to be visible and safe;
(08) Water samples are placed into the waiting state, and when the temperature rises to the set resolution temperature, the timer is automatically started, and the user has a key to easily count the time;
(09) The digital number of the digestion holes,convenient for the user to distinguish water samples;


Instrument name
Intelligent multi-parameter reactor
Product model
Display mode
Stored program
COD, total phosphorus, total nitrogen
Time switch
Operation button
Heating rate
Rises to 165 degrees in 10 minutes
Temperature indication error
≤± 2℃
Temperature field uniformity
≤± 2℃
Digestion temperature
45~190℃(Users can set their own)
Timing range
1 minutes to 96 hours
Timing precision
Time delay protection
Batch throughput
Digestion capacity
Program upgrade
Alarm prompt
Over temperature alarm
Instrument overheat protection
Digestion protective plate
Prevent scald of misoperation
Digestion protective cover
Integrated safety protection
Acid proof shell
Corrosion resistance
Rated voltage
Ambient temperature
Ambient humidity
relative humidity
< 85% (without condensation)

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