Right Angle Prisms

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Product Overview


Optical Prism

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+ Right Angle Prisms

Prisms are widely used in optical system, which can reflect, deviate and rotate beams of light as well as dispersing their wavelengths.

Worldhawk offers many types of high precision prisms including Right Angle Prisms, Dove Prisms, Panta Prisms, Roof Prisms, Beamsplitters, Wedge Prisms, Rhomboid Prisms, Corner Cube and Tapered Light Pipe Prism etc..,

Worldhawk accepts the following products customized services: micro-prism, special angle prism, high-precision prism ......
Please email to us for get an offer.  


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+ Optical Prism 

  ParametersStandardHigh Pricision
  MaterialN-BK7, Fused Silica, Custom
  Size tolerance±0.1mm±0.03mm
  Angle Tolerance<3'<0.5''
  Clear Aperture≥90%100%
  Surface Quality60/40, 40/2020/10, 10/5
  Surface Flatness1/2 lambda, 1/4lambda1/10Lambda, 1/20Lambda
  Parallelism+/-3' , +/-30''<0.5''
  Bevel<0.2mm±45°No Bevel (The Angle is unbroken)
  CoatingUncoated, AR, BBAR, Reflective


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You can customise this product to your needs, please contact us for custom solution. 

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+ Processing Equipment: 

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 We accept high-precision and small quantities of custom prism services.

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Testing / Production



+ Inspection

Advanced testing equipment and methods are important guarantee for the production of high-precision products.




+ Our Factory

Advanced processing equipment and complete production system are ensure that we can effectively control every aspect of the product process to ensure product quality, and reduce losses and reduce costs!


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Company / Catalogue



+ Company


Changchun Worldhawk Optoelectronics Co., Ltd, established in 2010 in China Optical City - Changchun, we have three branches in Changchun, Nanjing and Hong Kong.

Worldhawk is the professional supplier for the optical products with much experience in optics design, research and development, manufacturing and export. We have many experienced engineers and many skilled workers, they are the important guarantee for the higher quality products. We can ensure higher qualified rate because of the precision testing equipment.

We can provide all kinds of optical products processing, coating service, assembling the lens and high-altitude monitoring quipment and so on. We consider our customer relationship to be a valuable asset, We understand that your application is not standard and so we offer customization of all of our products.


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+ Cylindrical Lens+ Optical Windows
+ Optical Reflecting Mirror+ Optical Ball lens
+ Optical Bandpass Filter+ Optical Dome




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Payment / Shipping



QWhat's the way of shipping and cost?


(1) We accept DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS, EMS, SF and etc.

(2) If you have your own express number, it's great.

(3) Freight=USD35.0(the first weight) + USD12.0/kg


Q: How to pay?


(1) T/T, PayPal, West Union, MoneyGram and

Assurance payment on Alibaba and etc..

(2) Bank Fee: West Union-USD30.00(≤USD3000.00),

T/T-USD20.00+, PayPal-5%. Please consult the local bank.


Q: What's the deliver time?


(1) For inventory: the delivery time is 5 workdays. 
(2) For customized products: the delivery time is 7 to 25 workdays. According to the quantity.

Q: How to ensure the safety of payment?


A: Worldhawk is the gold supplier for 7 years and supports Alibaba Trade Assurance. 

Trade Assurance Limit: > US $300,000


Q: Can I customize the products based on my need?


Yes, we can customize the material, specifications and optical coating for your optical components based on your needs.


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+ We try to finish each detail in production and service in order to being the worthy cooperative partner of clients.






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