Kids Listen and Learn Literacy Sight Words Flash Card Fun Early Learning education device toys

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Product Overview


*Product Name:Flash Cards Early Education Device
*Age Range:2 to 4 Years
*Device Weight:82g
*Battery Capacity:300mAh
* Device Color:Blue/pink
*Device Size:4.21"x3.54"x0.83" inch
*Flash card:Foods/Persons/Vehicles/Animals Optional

Easy To Use
The front side is card slot, the back side is speaker. Turn on the switch and insert a flash card, the learning machine will identify the QR code and read out the word.
Handy Function
When a card is inserted, press the left button to repeat word and sound; press the right button to adjust the volume (5 recycle volumes).
Indicator Light
Turn on the switch, the blue light is on; insert a card, the green light is on; when charging, the red light will be on. The
device will turn off without operating in 10 minutes.

Four types of cards for you to choose

There are 4 series of flash cards for you to choose. Each series includes a blue device and one theme flash cards(56pcs). The theme is represented by different colors. The Animal and Vehicle cards not only can be read out the words, but also can simulate the sound.

* Pink Card : Person+Jobs+Shapes+Colors
* Blue Card : Device+Daily necessities
* Green Card : Animals
* Orange Card : Fruits+Vegetables+Foods

Model Number
Device Size
4.21"x3.54"x0.83" inch
Recommended Age
1-4 years old
Refill Cards
Battery Capacity
Place of Origin
Guangdong, China

* Flash Cards
* Machine
* USB Cable*1
* Instruction*1

Company Profile


Q1. How many words are there?
-->56 sight words each series.

Q2. Does this have a volume control?
--> Yes, the right button is 5 recycle volumes control.

Q3. Is it ok for a 3 year old kid just playing in home?
-->Yes,it is ideal for 1-4 years old kid to play and study.

Q4.Is this product easy to use?
-->This product is very toddlers friendly. Kids place the cards into the groove and the machine will speak the word on the card and emit sound of animals.Press the left button, the sound can be repeated.

Q5. How is the battrey?
-->Built-in lithium battery,300mAH

Q6. Does this require a computer download of any kind?
-->No,just insert the flash card to read.

Q7. Does it help children learn to talk?
-->Yes, it helps toddlers to learn words and know animals while playing

Q8. What's the difference of the four flash cards?
-->The pictures and words are different,and some cards can simulate the sound.

Q9.How long can the machine work?
-->4 hours, enough for kids to play.

Q10. Is it usb rechargesble or i have to buy batteies.
-->USB rechargeable.There is a charge cable in the box.

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