Analogue PSTN Black IECEx Certified Intrinsically Safe Telephones Explosive Proof Telephone with LCD Display KNEX1

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Product Overview


KOONTECH KNEX1 Anti Explosive Phone with LCD Display IECEx Approved Analog Explosion proof Telephone

Explosion proof telephone work as atex equipment made of GRP by die casting. The IECEx explosion proof telephone is rugged and durable. KNTECH design and manufacture the telephone with IECEX tertification and export to 50 countries. This Explosion proof Instrinsically safe telephone works in Hazardous Area. The explosion proof telephone use in zone 1 and zone 2. It can also use in Division 2.Ex II 2 GD & Ex ii 2G IECEx Certified explosion proof telephone.

Explosion proof phone features:
1. IECEx certified
2. Type Ex e ib mb I IC T6 Gb.
3. Waterproof degree IP66
4. Analogue telephone matching with most PABX, PBX and PAX system
5. Telephone line powered. No external power or battery required
6. Robust SMC 2600 glassfibre reinforced polyester die-cast body
7. LCD display, SUS Metal keypad 24digit, Magnetic reed hook-switch
8. Busy tone detection for auto release the line if line busy
9. High temperature approval, Auto answer auto release line.
10. Full Soft lock: only dial out from phone book 50 memory address number
11. Half soft lock: limit to dial out starting number, e.g. "00852" area code
12. Ring sound 95 dB dfd in 1 m and 10 ringing tone melodies selectable
13. Listening by loudspeaker: 70dB in 1m
14. Phone book memory: 50 address ( name & number) programmable

LCD display include

Manu setting Welcome text programmable e.g: welcome to koontech telephone Full soft lock or half soft lock Phone book up to 50 address number selectable Ring speaker up to 4 level selectable Hands free talking sound up to 4 level selectable Handset receiver sound up to 4 level selectable Up to 9 Ring tone melodies selectable Back light up to 4 level selectable The dialing number Calling time counting.

The detail about the explosion proof telephone
1.The screws of upper cover and lower cover must be torx screws.
2.Handset and microphone must be installed with alayer of waterproof membrane to prevent water or dust into the inside.
3.Tighten the screws of upper and lower cover to prevent water.
4.Metal sheath of handset should be installed and fastened well .
5.Fuse gluing” in accordance with "Fuse gluing operating instructi ons KO0N-WI -PDN-01 6-A0".
6.To test the function of the board is good before encapsu lati on conduct operat ions 。The encapsulation
method in accordance with encapsulation process documents K0ON-WI -PDN-01 8-A0.
7.Waterproof cablegl and must be ti ghtened. And make sure the te lephone line and cable gI and should be cl osest. 8.AlI screws must not be loose.
9. Labe; material : PVC white
wording on black 3mm thickness With glue, adhes ive fixed

Telephone Installation Size:

The Explosion Proof Telephone Specification
Unit dimension
227 x 293 x 135mm
Unit Weight
 LCD Display:
2 line alphanumerical display ICON or number or letter
Up to 4 level back light selectable
stainless steel flash mount Waterproof IP66. Ice protection
21 keys with number and ACE letter for program
dynamic receiver with inductive coupling for hearing aids
Electret type microphone with noice cancelling
Stainless steel armoured handset hold over 170kg
Waterproof protection
Impact protection:
Call Flash transfer:
Dialling procedure:
 External function:
external louder speaker
additional earpiece
ringl sounder
operation temperature:
-25℃ to 60℃
Storage temperature:
 -30℃ to +70℃
The explosion proof telephone system:

The KNEX1 for custom

The detail about the explosion proof telephone
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Package & Delivery
Unit Size:
Unit Weight:
5.7 KG

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Company Profile

HongKong Koon Technology Co., Ltd. (KNTECH) engage in research and development of Emergency Communications System; PAGA broadcast scheduling; scenic spots, airport tourists help management program; municipal SOS, 110, 119 alarm system; special industrial IP telephones, SOS telephones, IP PABX, Servier, TR069/SNMP/Modbus network management, SIP scheduling system for metro, tunnel, airports, petrochemicals, metallurgy, nuclear power, marine, ship building, bridge, mine and other industries.

The professional and strong R&D team,

we offer further customization in firmware, software, and solution requirement.

High productivity factory,

short lead time and fast delivery for you.
We KNTECH team are always here at your prompt and best service.

Production Equipment and Production Plant.

System & Solution

Except terminal, we also provide customer complete system and solution.
Telecom solution, IP PBX, telephone self-diagnostic system, PAGA system, customization function, etc.


KNTECH Industrial Telephones Pass Lots of Certificates, such as IOS, CE, FCC, EMC, TUV, ETL, LVD, AU LVD, SASO, Norway DNV, etc.

Projects & Partner

KNTECH goods sell to over 100 countries all over the world, very popular for government projects because of high quality and complete solution. Below share some projects.

Thailand Metros
Purple line
Red line
Green line
Blue line
Pink line
Yellow line
Australia Sydney Metro North West Line
Israel Metro
Singapore Marine Project
Brazil Sao Paulo Metro
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Railway
Russia St. Pittsburgh Metro
Germany Berlin Metro
Norway OLSO Metro
Turkey High-speed Railway
Greek Athens Metro
Philippines Manila Railway
Turkey Highway
India New Delhi Metro
Saudi Arabia Riyadh Metro
Slovenia Metro
India Bangalore Metro
Saudi Arabia Mecca Railway
Mexico Metro
India Hyderabad Metro
Saudi Arabia Shoaiba Power Plant
Vietnam Hochimin Railway
India Mumbai Airport
Singapore Sentosa Tunnel
South Russian Railways
India Kochi Metro
Singapore SMT Green Line
Netherlands Bonaire Jail
India Lucknow Metro
Singapore Airport Project
Curacao Jail
India Mumbai Metro
Singapore Thomson Line
Peru Jail
Thailand KMUTT Project
Pakistan CPEC Project
Romanian Prison

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