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Copper wire mesh series products are available in red copper wire mesh, phosphor bronze wire mesh, and brass wire mesh.
They look similar in appearance and color. Due to the different compositions of metal materials, each product has different characteristics and use effects.
Copper wire mesh products are widely used in building decoration, household, electrical, technology, and other industries. 
Note: This series of products are customized products, so the price on the page are for reference only.
Contact our professional team to get the latest price for your project.

Product details introduction:

Weave Types
Our company can provide many different weaves to meet different application needs.
the weave styles mainly depend on the mesh and wire diameter specifications of the
woven mesh. Below are the show of some common styles we weave here.

Mesh, Mesh Count, and Micron Size
Mesh Count and Micron Size are some of the important terms in the wire mesh industry.
The Mesh count is calculated by the number of the holes in an inch of mesh, so the
smaller is the woven holes the bigger is the number of holes.
The Micron Size refers to the size of the holes measured in microns. (The term micron is
actually a commonly used shorthand for micrometer. )
In order to make it easier for people to understand the number of the holes of the wire mesh, these two specifications are usually used together. This is the key component of specifying the wire mesh. The Mesh Count determines the filtering performance and function of the wire mesh.
More intuitive expression:
Mesh Count = number of mesh hole. (larger the mesh count, the smaller the mesh hole)
Micron Size = size of mesh hole. (larger the micron size, larger the mesh hole)

Product Details

Red Copper Wire Mesh
Red copper wire mesh is the highest copper content in the copper mesh products, with a copper content of 99.9%. It is soft,
malleable, and has high electrical and thermal conductivity. As a result, it is popularly used as RFI shielding, in Faraday
Cages,in roofing, in HVAC, and in numerous electrical-based applications.

Main Material:
99.999% Pure Copper Wire.
Wire Diameter Range:
Mesh Size Range:
Plain Weave: 5– 200 mesh, Twill Weave: Up to 250 mesh,
Dutch Weave:
Can be customized as required.
Width Range:
Usually, 0.914-3 m, can be cut according to customer requirements, the minimum is 3 mm.
Length Range:
Usually 30 m, up to 150 m
Mesh Type:
Generally 30m/roll, various shapes can also be cut as required.

Features & Use:
Soft, easily soldered
Ductile and malleable
Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity
99%+ pure copper
Red copper wire mesh is not only used in the electrical industry. Red copper wire mesh
is also popular in the field of architectural decoration due to its unique color and flexible
and weldable characteristics.Homeowners and designers choose red copper wire mesh for residential projects such as gutter guards, insect screens, fireplace screens, or decorative wall panels. Artists,including sculptors, woodworkers, metal artisans, and architects prefer copper mesh due to its ability to form complex shapes.
Product photos:

Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh
Bronze is an alloy mainly composed of copper. Therefore,phosphor bronze wire mesh and red copper wire mesh have many of the same characteristics, like malleability, durability,and ductility. The chemical composition of commonly used commercial bronze wire mesh is 90% Copper and 10% Zinc.

Main Material:Copper content 85%-90%, zinc content 5%-15%.
Wire Diameter Range:0.03-0.70mm.
Mesh Size Range:Plain Weave: 5– 185 mesh, Twill Weave: Up to 500 mesh,
Dutch Weave: Can be customized as required.
Width Range:Usually, 0.914-3 m, can be cut according to customer requirements,
the minimum is 3 mm.
Length Range:Usually 30 m, up to 150 m.
Mesh Type:Generally 30m/roll, various shapes can also be cut as required.
Features & Use:
Sturdier than copper and antique brownish-red color.
Superior to brass in both strength and corrosion resistance.
90 % copper and 10 % zinc.
Uses include highly technical to decorative.
Phosphor bronze wire mesh has stronger corrosion resistance and durability than brass
wire mesh. And it has a unique antique brownish-red color, which is an important reason
for the use of phosphor bronze wire mesh from various marine and military applications to
a commercial and residential insect screen. Phosphor bronze wire mesh is not as flexible
and ductile as red copper wire mesh for industrial needs, so it is often used in filtration and
separation applications.
Product photos:

Brass Wire Mesh
Brass is another copper alloy made of copper and zinc. And like copper wire mesh, brass wire mesh is soft and malleable. But its corrosion resistance is not as good as bronze.As a wire mesh, the most commonly available brass woven wire mesh is referred to as “270 yellow brass” and has a chemical composition of approximately 65% copper, 35% zinc. “260 high brass”, which consists of 70% copper and 30% zinc is also popular in the mesh industry, particularly on custom manufactured items.

Main Material:270 Yellow Brass (65% copper + 35% zinc), 260 High Brass (70%
copper + 30% zinc), Red Brass(80% copper + 20% zinc).
Wire Diameter Range:0.03-0.70mm.
Mesh Size Range:Plain Weave: 6– 160 mesh, Twill Weave: Up to 280 mesh, Dutch
Weave:Can be customized as required.
Width Range:Usually, 0.914-3 m, can be cut according to customer requirements,
the minimum is 3 mm.
Length Range:Usually 30 m, up to 150 m.
Mesh Type:Generally 30m/roll, various shapes can also be cut as required.
Features & Use:
Superior to copper abrasion resistance and tensile strength.
60-70% copper plus 30-40% zinc.
Easily cut with hand tools.
It can be soldered with lead or silver solder.

Zinc plays an important role in brass wire mesh, it increases the wear resistance
and higher tensile strength of brass wire mesh. It also hardens the mesh, compared
to its softer copper woven wire mesh counterpart. For these reasons, brass wire mesh is commonly used in filtration and separation applications. In most cases,industrial-grade brass woven wire mesh has a golden yellow color to it, and this unique color makes it appealing for use in architectural, decorative and even artistic applications. Like virtually all wire mesh and wire cloth, brass wire mesh is used in architectural, decorative and industrial applications.
Product photos:

Company Profile

Who We Are & What We Offer?
It is a comprehensive factory of manufacturing , marketing, importing and exporting with
more than ten years’ history .Our products are exported to Europe,Asia,Africa and hot
selling in many other countries and regions.
Where We Are?
Anping County Bolin Metal Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd is located in Anping, China, known as
the “Hometown of Wire Mesh”.It is a concentrated metal product industrial area and
there are countless large and small factories. It is close to Tianjin Port in the north and

Qingdao Port in the east, and the export is very convenient. And it is China’s largest
export city of wire mesh products.
There are many metal product manufacturing and processing factories here, and we are
one of the integrated suppliers. In order to ensure our stable supply capacity and solve
more customers’ special product needs. We not only have our factories and inventories
but also have long-term cooperative relationships with many mature and established
wire mesh companies in Anping.
We look forward to cooperating with you and welcome to visit our company at any time.
Why Are We The Best?
1. Strictly follow quality standards and manufacture metal products according to
international standards.
2. Over 10 years of development, we have a mature production line, experienced workers
and a technical team that is good at solving various problems of customers.
3. Focus on details, from communication, customization, production, packaging, and
transportation to after-sales, every link is handled carefully.
4. Rich export experience: our products have been exported to more than 50 countries
and regions in the world.
5. Passed ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system certification.
What Benefits Can You Get?
1. Get a reliable and trustworthy Chinese supplier.
2. Provide you with the most competitive factory prices to ensure your interests.
3. You will get a free guide and recommend to you the most suitable product or
specifications for your project based on our experience.
4. Almost any wire mesh product needs can be met you.
5. You can also distribute any of our products, we will fully support to help you develop
the local market.

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