China Cheap Abs Plastic Hospital Medical Clinic Emergency Medicine Trolley Delivery Medication Drug Dispensing Cart

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Medicine delivery trolley

Medicine trolley is brand new design product, the concept of origin comes from Europe and USA market. Delicate and
modern definition breaks the traditional appearance and impression of medical trolley in the current hospital. They are applied
fashion and happiness color to creating comfortable, modern, relax healthcare atmosphere, assisting patient recovery
optimistically and reducing nurses and doctors workload.

Specification: 750 * 475 * 930 mm
1. Medicine delivery trolley,It mainly composed of steel and ABS engineering plastic structure; Aluminum alloy four-column bearing;
2. Upper body: mesa including ABS fence a large dies, item is not easy to slide, guardrail height 70 mm, table with transparent soft glass, handrails guardrail and integration design, after about casual, mesa about armrest double design, print more beautiful and comfortable handle sag, operation table fine leather design, anti scratch easy to clean:
3. The front side of the car body: disposable lock on the left side, central lock on the right side, equipped with five layers of drawers, the first and second layer of small pumping surface 80mm, inner space: 430*335*68mm * two middle pumping surface 120mm inner space: 430*335*110mm * one deep pumping surface 240mm inner space: 430*335*220mm, 3*3 divider in drawer, can be separated freely, anti-theft sealing slot identification card size, 113*35m observation window 15 degree Angle for easy identification, prevent liquid and dust entry; New dovetail handle is thicker and larger, ergonomic tilt design;
4. Left side: the defibrillator platform can be exchanged with the left and right sides of the infusion stand, telescopic sub-table, large removable file box, easy to clean;
5. Right side: the nylon material of the telescopic infusion rack can be formed at one time, the load can be 2-5kg, the defibrillator platform can be left and right interchangeable on the infusion rack, ABS double dirt bucket, rotating 3L sharp instrument box;
6. Back of the car body: rescue board, hidden telescopic oxygen cylinder support does not occupy space, active power plug board is easy to replace different countries of power supply:
7. Body bottom: four 100mm diameter luxury universal plug-in mute wheels, two of them with brake function;

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