Простой половина тела сердечно-легочной реанимации обучающий манекен

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Simple Half Body CPR Training Manikin



Implementation standard: AHA 2010 Guideline for CPR and ECG
(1) Simulate standard airway open
(2) Artificial hand-bit external chest compression: Correct compression intensity (5-6cm), and there will be correct buzzing prompts;
(3) Artificial mouth to mouth respiration (inflation): Judge the inflated tidal volume by chest heave,
(Tidal volume standard: 500-1000ml).
(4) Operation frequency: the newest international standard, 100time/min
(5) Operation ways: training mode

Manikin’s skin of face, neck and chest are made of imported material of thermoplastic elastomer mixed glue, injected under high temperature via injection mold machine with stainless mould, which features reasonable atructure, realistic touch feeling, beautiful shaping, realistic operation, solid and durable, sterliization and cleaning of non-deformation, and convenient disassembly.

Direction for Use
1. Installation of manikin
Take the manikin out of the box, and roll out the CPR operation pad, and then make the manikin lie on it.

2. Normative actions and notice during the operation:
(1) Airway opening
Make the manikin supine. During the operation, the operator nose with two fingers of one hand, the other hand reaches to chin or neck to raise the hand back to from 70º—90ºangle with the horizontal, which make the airway open.
(2) Artificial respiration
First, make artificial mouth to mouth inflation (in the real emergency scenes, some patient’s mouth is closed and the upper and lower tooth is closed-bite, in this case, mouth to mouth inflation is not available; you can only take mouth to nose inflation. And the manikin’s mouth is open; if taking mouth to nose inflation, the manikin’s mouth must be covered by hand then take the mouth to nose inflation operation.) If
the tidal volume correctly reaches 500/600ml-1000ml, there will be a little chest rise, and please don’t have excessive inflation.
(3) Manual compression
Compression site: First, confirm the correct chest compression site, cross-stack of both hands and arms perpendicular to the chest compression zone, to make external chest compression.
Compression intersity:
Correct compression depth (5cm-6cm), and there will be once “di” prompt;

3. Operational mode
(1)Training Exercise: This mode let the initial operator get acquainted with the basic operational procedures.first let airway open. Proceeding the mouth to mouth breathing or the cardiac compressing.
(2) Individual or Duo: Referring to 2010 CPR, and ECC instructions standards, the ratio is 30:2 (30 external chest compressions and two mouth-to-mouth blowing). And the operation frequency is at least 100times/min. First, carry out the external chest compression 30 times, then let the manikin airway open and carry out two times of
mouth-to-mouth blowing, in accordance with the at least 100times/min frequency, it is required that five consecutive cycles shall be carried out within the demanded time.

Maintenance and Repair
1. After the usage, the manikin’s face, mouth, nose, chest skin, respiratory tract and inlet valve shall be sterilized and cleaned with thimerosal.
2. When replacing the broken airbag, open the chest cover, take out the gasket on the lung air bag and the nail cap of slide rod of the sensor artificial respiration, twist out the nut connecting the lung air bag and replace a new lung air bag, then assemble and restore it.
3. Store the manikin in a dry and ventilated place; do not place them in the humidity or with the exposure of sunshine, which will influence the service life.

1. When carrying out the mouth-mouth blowing, the sterile gauze shall be used, one piece for one person to avoid the infection.
2. Washing the hands before carrying out the operation, the operator shall wipe off lipstick to prevent the stained on the face skin and chest skin of the dummy. The pens are prohibited to write on the skin.
3. When carrying out the compression operations, press it in accordance with the frequency, Do not press randomly in order to maintain the service life.


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> if the machine broke after a period of use, can I return it back and get a refund?
iClear HealthCare has a secure procedure to do the product return and repair, please check our service
policy for more information.


> I have NO experience buying medical stuff in China. Is the quality good?
There are multiple options in China for medical equipment, iClear HealthCare aims to provide high-quality products at a competitive price.


> How long will it take to reach me after the payment?
By Express, it takes 5-7 working days to arrive;
By Air, 3-4 days to the international airport;
By Sea, around 25-55 days to the seaport.


>> Can you help set up a clinic or provide complete equipment for hospital projects?
We have a series of complete solutions for clinics and hospital equipment setup. iClear HealthCare has helped set up several clinics and 2 hospitals in East Asia, African, and Saudi and supply all the medical equipment. These projects have saved a lot of time, money, and energy for our customers.

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