ST3200F Auto OTDR SC/APC ILOM FTTX Rj45 Cable Tracker Of Digital Radar Multimode Otdr

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ST327 V5 (1)

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ST327 V5 (2)

    ST3200F series OTDR adopts 4.3 inch capacities touch screen. It integrates 12 functions, such as auto OTDR, expert OTDR, event map, OPM, RJ45 cable tracker, and "computer level" file management to meet various test requirements in different occasions.

    ST3200F series are used to measure the length, loss, connection quality and other parameters of optical fiber. It is widely used in FTTX, secondary backbone network engineering construction, maintenance and emergency repair test, and production measurement of optical fiber and cable.


1.Expert OTDR: Professional measurement, curve/list/map are displayed simultaneously.

2.Auto OTDR: no complex settings, one key test.

3.OPM supports CW/270/330/1k/2kHz frequency identification.

4.VFL and LS can run in the background, multi task can be operated simultaneously.

5.LS supports CW/ modulation mode output with adjustable output power.

6.RJ45 cable tracker of digital radar, stronger anti-jamming ability.

7.Auto OTDR, expert OTDR, event map, OPM, LS, VFL,RJ45 cable sequence, 8.RJ45 cable tracker, RJ45 cable sequence, RJ45 cable length, end face detection, flash light     optical loss test.

9.RJ45 cable sequence, cable length test, up to 300m.

10.One click screen capture, easy to save the interface.

11.Support ILOM.

12.Support SC/APC



Standard configuration:

Auto 0TDR, expert OTDR, event map, OPM, LS, VFL, RJ45 cable tracker(Including line finder), RJ45 cable sequence, RJ45 cable length, end face detection(0ptional), flashlight, optical loss test

Configuration list:

Host (Battery included),Adapter, Data Line,8G TF card (built-in OTDR, Analysis software/User's Manual),User' s Manual, SC/UPC, Qualification Certificate/ Service Guarantee Card, Calibration Certificate, Clean Cotton Slices, Instrument Backpack


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