Hot Sale industrial reciprocating grate biomass plastic waste to energy incinerator

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Hot Sale High efficiency JRML Coal Furnace Of Chain for vulcanizate
The furnace combines the combustion with heat exchange in one and using the latest indirect heating technology that heat exchange is taken place at the high temperature position of the furnace. The smoke and air are divided to different air ducting to avoid the pollution on heating process. The heat efficiency rate is high (up to 60-75%). The temperature increase is fast. The furnace is easy for installation and reliable for operation, and the price is low (compare to the one ton boiler, the price of this heating system is only half of the price for boiler heating system.).
This furnace has the high temperature resistant so that its using life is much longer than the pipe arrangement hot air furnace. And it uses longitudinal splashing heat radiation fin and the negative pressures smoke elimination method. There is no dust collected on the heat exchange position so it’s no need to carry out the cleaning. The heat feature is stable. Various coal and wood can be used as the fuel. The furnace is equipped with the air leading device to ensure the combustion is complete. The technology of this furnace has reached the advanced level in China.

This furnace is versatile hot air equipment. It is used as a heating device to the drying equipment. It is widely used for the heating and moisture removing for the grain, seed, feed, fruit, de-watering vegetable, mushroom, edible fungus, tremella, tea, tobacco leaf, and other farming products. It also used for the products in food, medicine, chemical, light and heavy industries.


Heat output
Output air volume
Output temperature
Coal consumption
Model of flue gas induced draft fan
JRML 100
4.2 X 106kj/h (1 x 106kcal/h)

It depends on the output temperature
Y5-47NO5 7.5kw
JRML 120
5.0 X 106kj/h (1.2x 106kcal/h)
Y5-47NO5 7.5kw
JRML 180
7.5 X 106kj/h (1.8x 106kcal/h)
Y5-47NO6 15kw
JRML 240
10 X 106kj/h (2.4x 106kcal/h)
Y5-47NO6 18.5kw
JRML 300
12.5 X 106kj/h (3 x 106kcal/h)
Y5-47NO8 22kw
JRML 360
15 X 106kj/h (3.6 x 106kcal/h)
Y5-47NO8 30kw
JRML 420
17.5 X 106kj/h (4.2 x 106kcal/h)
Y5-47NO5 30kw
JRML 480
20 X 106kj/h (4.8 x 106kcal/h)
Y5-47NO9 45kw
JRML 600
25 X 106kj/h (6 x 106kcal/h)
Y5-48NO10 55kw
JRML 720
30 X 106kj/h (7.2 x 106kcal/h)
Y5-48NO10 55kw
JRML 780
32.5 X 106kj/h (7.8 x 106kcal/h)
Y5-48NO10 75kw
JRML 960
40 X 106kj/h (9.6 x 106kcal/h)
Y5-47NO12 75kw

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Company Profile

Changzhou Haomai Drying Engineering Co., Ltd. Specializes in Spin flash dryers, centrifugal spray drying equipment, vibrating fluid bed dryers and other equipment R & D, manufacturing, business and related export services. The factory is located in Sanhekou industrial park, Zhenglu town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Over the years the design of equipment involved in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pesticides, electronics, mining, food, dyes, pigments and other areas, and sell our products throughout the whole country.
Haomai not only with work experience in a group of more than a decade of lean engineering and technical personal and senior management, but also has a number of excellent production staff. Their research, design, service and so has an excellent ability for many years they concentrated on studying in practice wrap-up, God help those who help themselves, a deep understanding of effective guarantee for the quality of customers' products.
Facing with the global energy conservation issue, facing the fierce market competition, Haomai people do not pursue the company's output value and profit maximization, but seek the best product quality. Good quality is our goal and direction of success. Energy conservation is the secret weapon for us to stand out from the crowd. The most energy-saving equipment is also the social responsibility of our heroic people. Over the years, the equipment we designed has achieved good economic and social benefits in various industries. In the face of the past, we are not satisfied; we are working hard to move toward higher goals.


Q: Where is your factory?
A: We are located in Changzhou City which about 150km away from Shanghai.

Q: What’s the quality control procedure?
A:We have an experienced technical team to support and provide solutions to meet the project requirements of our clients. We are certified with ISO9001 quality management system. We are following a strict quality control procedure to ensure the product quality.

Q: What is the warranty period?
A: 24 hours timely response of mail and phone calls. The warranty period for non-artificial damage is 1 year after delivery of goods.

Q: What is the payment term?
A: Our regular payment term is: 30% TT in advance, 70% TT before shipment.

Q: Does your price include freight?
A: Our usual price is based on FOB Shangha. We can provide CIF quote upon request.

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