Poultry Plucker Slaughtering Equipments Stainless Steel chicken plucker rubber finger machine feather Plucker

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 Stainless Steel Feather Removal Machine Chicken Plucking Machine




ModelVoltageMotor PowerCapacityMachine Size(MM)Weight(KG)
LV-45220V/50Hz0.55Kw1-2 chicken510*510*800mm40KG
LV-50220V/50Hz1.5Kw2-3 chicken570*570*875mm53KG
LV-55220V/50Hz1.5Kw3-4 chicken610*610*875mm56KG
LV-60220V/50Hz1.5Kw5-6 chicken660*660*875mm59KG
LV-80220V/50Hz2.2Kw10 chicken860*860*975mm122KG


Operation Process:

1. Scald the poultry after slaughtered by hot water of 65-80 degree.

2. Then turn on the machine,put the scalded poultry into the machine.

3.After 10 seconds working,turn on the tap,and wash away the removed feather,then take out the poultry. 

4. The whole process of process quail is about 30seconds.



1. Equip a leakage switch on the ground line.

2. Turn on the switch, and check if the machine running normally before using.

3. Wash the tube completely after using.

4. After long time using, please change the robber stick when they are wearing or broken.

    So as to ensure the working efficiency.

5. After a period of using, if the rolling disc become slower, it might be the belt screw track slip.

6. Then please adjust the nut on the machine base, but note it can't be too tight.

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