Kaolin Refractories Porcelain clay 325 mesh

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Kaolin Refractories Porcelain clay 325 mesh

Product Description

Calcined kaolin for paints and inks

This product is a special coating aluminum silicate functional additive, so it has a strong adsorbability and coloration, so

that the weather resistance and wear resistance of the coating products are significantly improved, and keep the bright color for a long time.It is a new type of pigment with high whiteness, narrow particle size distribution, good optical properties and high hiding power, which can partially replace titanium powder.Applicable to paint, adhesive, adhesive, electrophoretic paint, interior and exterior paint, fire retardant paint, etc.Applied to water-based ink, it can enhance the surface wear resistance of ink,prevent ink penetration, prevent the production of printing water, add drying speed, improve the printing quality of ink,appropriately increase the viscosity of ink and solid content, play a certain role in preventing settling.

Calcined kaolin for rubber and plastics

This product is processed by a special process, and the surface of particles produces fine pores, so it has great adsorption property and property.This product has fine particle size, high whiteness and stable performance, which can partially replace carbon black and silica. It is a better filler and semi-reinforcing agent for high-voltage insulating rubber plastics, electric wires and cables, tires, rubber plugs and other rubber and plastic products. It can improve mechanical strength, aging, electrical insulation and corrosion resistance..

Calcined kaolin of insulating grade

This product is made of special ore by calcination, grinding and graded surface treatment, which can improve the strength and electrical insulation of the product.It is a better functional packing for high voltage insulated rubber plastics, wires and


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Properties of Xinquan kaolin;It is a kind of porous amorphous white pigment with excellent light scattering, with high whiteness,

fine particle size up to sub-micron level, high refractive index and other characteristics, which can partially replace titanium



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