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1,The introduction of AAC block
AAC autoclaved aerated concrete block is made mainly of sand or flyash,cement,aluminium,lime,gypsum,processing in the condition of
high temperature,high pressure and steam curing . It’s a new type building materials of light,environmental,energy saving and so
on. They could be used industry building and common building.Now,it is welcomed by more and more countries.
2,The advantages of AAC block
Aerated concrete block is known as the concrete of floating on the surface of the water ,its Dry Bulk density is generally 400 ~
700 kg/m3, equivalent to about onethird of the clay brick and 1/5 of the common concrete, and also lower than the general light
weight aggregate concrete and hollow block,hollow clay brick and other products.
(2)Heat preservation
Aerated concrete block has a lot of porosity and microporous, and it has good heat preservation and heat insulation
performance.The coefficient of thermal conductivity of aerated concrete usually is 0.09 ~ 0.22 W/(m, k), is only 1/4 ~ 1/5 of the
clay brick, 1/5 ~ 1/10 of normal concrete.It not only can save heating and cooling energy utilization coefficient and can greatly
improve the structure of the plane.
(3)Fire prevention
Its raw materials and products will not burn.Experiments show that light sand aerated concrete is the ideal fireproof material,
the fire prevention ability of 10 cm thick wall can reach more than 4 hours, So,they are widely used as a firewall.
(4)Sound insulation
Autoclaved aerated concrete has spherical sealed porous structure,it has a certain sound absorption performance, the sound
absorption performance is better than that of ordinary concrete, it is applicable to the wall needing special requirements.
(5)High intensity
Due to the size of aerated concrete block is accurate and the six sides cutting can use thin adhesive layer mortar masonry,it has
greatly improve the intensity utilization coefficient.
(6)Shock resistance
Because the aerated concrete is light, the overall performance is well, when the earthquake happens, the inertia is good, so it
has certain shock resistance.


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