0.8mm-5mm 100% polycarbonate solid flat sheet for sun protection with UV coating

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0.8mm-5mm 100% polycarbonate solid flat sheet for sun protection 

Polycarbonate frosted sheet(also known as PC boards, polycarbonate, solid plate, bulletproof glass, takashi kapoor, solid sheet,
polycarbonate plate, aerial perspective board) is a high-performance engineering plastics polycarbonate or carbon - acid ester .


1)Resistance to impact, not broken, the intensity of hundreds of times more than tempered glass, acrylic board, tough security, anti-theft, bulletproof effect is best.
2)Arch, bendable: good machinability, plasticity, can be bent into arch, semicircle and other styles according to the actual needs of the construction site.
3)The material of Polycarbonate solid sheet is light and easy to handle: the weight is only half of the glass, the handling and installation are time and labor saving, and the construction management is convenient and easy.
4)Weather resistance, excellent lighting: long-term ultraviolet radiation resistance, excellent lighting effect, can save a lot of energy saving costs.


Technology Paramenters

Product packaging

To better ensure the safety of polycarbonate solid sheet, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.


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1.what can you buy from us?
pc sheet,pc solid sheet,polycarbonate sheet,pc corrugated sheet,Emboseed polycarbonate sheet,polycarbonate sheet.

2.Do you offer the free samples of Polycarbonate solid sheet?
Yes,we provide the free samples of Polycarbonate solid sheet with freight collected.

3.Is Polycarbonate unbreakable?
Polycarbonate Sheet in Building Design is virtually unbreakable and will resist most impact resistant situations, however, theywill not guarantee 100% the material is unbreakable, for example, if the material was to be in an explosive situation or to beused in a ballistic situation.

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