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Product Overview


Low frequency resonance,Healthy running water

Low frequency activated water

What is low frequency activated water?
The ordinary drinking water is resonant by the low frequency of the sumanbo low frequency water meter. The frequency of water is reduced from 120Hz to 7.8hz. The original water with polymer clusters has changed into a straight chain structure. In water molecules, the angle of hydrogen atom is changed from 104.5 ° to 114.5 degrees. We call such water low frequency activated water.

Five advantages
of low frequency activated water
Enhanced water energy

Family health umbrella

Energetic and young
Hypertension, hyperlipemia, hyperglycemia and diabetes are all related to blood viscosity caused by lack of blood cells.
Lack of water in the body will lead to fatigue, skin aging, wrinkles, dull and dull, slow response to hypoxia in the brain, and cancer cells also grow under anaerobic water shortage.

Why drink low-frequency activated water?

Straight chain water can improving "three high" and diabetes mellitus
Shumanbo low-frequency running water instrument, the core patented low-frequency resonance effect technology, can change the water with polymeric mass structure into the direct drinking water of cells with linear chain structure in 30 minutes.

Low frequency water,enhance cell viability and immunity
The Schumann wave low-frequency live water instrument will emit a low-frequency wave of 7.8hz through the polymer on the top and resonate with water, reducing the frequency of water to 7.8hz, which is the highest frequency of human brain α Wave and θ The resonance frequency of wave and human normal cells is also close to 7.8hz, so Schumann wave low-frequency resonance water can resonate with human cells and stimulate the activity of human normal cells; On the other hand, the frequency of human pathological cells such as cancer cells will also change, and the frequency of bacteria, viruses and fungi will also be different. Therefore, 7.8hz shumanbo low-frequency resonance water will inhibit their growth; Therefore, low-frequency activated water can also improve fungal skin diseases, enhance immunity, and reduce the risk of cancer.

Low frequency resonance,Suitable for a variety of water needs

Product function
Shumanbo low frequency running water meter allows you to enjoy clean water quality

01.Improve blood viscosity and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
02.It is closest to human cell water and promotes strong antioxidant effect.
03. increase cell oxygen content and help improve cell function.
04.Promote the health index of intestinal flora.
0.5Strong bactericidal effect and enhance immunity.
06.Enhance the detoxification function of the body and inhibit harmful bacteria and viruses.
07.Adjust the pH value of human body to balance.
08.Best sports drinking water.
09.Reduce the incidence of cancer.
10. Improve the alcohol of wine and the sweetness of acidic juice.
11.Make coffee and tea more fragrant and rice more soft and delicious.
12.Make animals and fish healthier and flowers grow more lush and bright.
13.Compatible frequency and energy make food more effectively absorbed in the body.

About products

Shumanbo low frequency running water meter
allows you to enjoy healthy water quality
Fully independent intellectual property patented products

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Low frequency live water meter
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Henan Shuman Health Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech industrial company with health industry as the core, integrating scientific research, production and sales.

It has a core production base, injection molding plant, production and assembly plant, mainly engaged in the production of all kinds of low-frequency resonance instrument, Hertz water meter, Hertz super energy meter and other Hertz resonance products.

Now, logistics and transportation, Henan Shuman has become a benchmark enterprise, specializing in major companies and The major trade teams at home and abroad provide production, licensing, development, design, assembly, OEM, ODM and other businesses.

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