50mm Diameter Pzt4 Piezoelectric Ceramic As Ultrasonic Cleaner Piezo Elements

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The principle of the piezoelectric ceramic transducer is that when pressure or tension is applied to the ceramic chip, charges of opposite polarity are generated at the two ends of the ceramic chip, and a current is generated through the circuit. This effect is called the piezoelectric effect. Therefore, in the design of ultrasonic transducers, various factors should be considered, such as acoustic impedance, frequency response, impedance matching, acoustic structure, vibration mode and conversion materials, and how to design and coordinate these factors to achieve electro-acoustic conversion. The best value. As a kind of energy transmission network, piezoelectric ceramic transducer has the problem of energy conversion efficiency.
The conversion efficiency is related to the selection of the transducer material, the form of vibration, the structure of the mechanical vibration system (including the support mechanism), and the operating frequency. Therefore, the problem of the ultrasonic transmitter is solved. There are two materials for piezoelectric ceramic transducers: magnetostrictive metals and piezoelectric ceramics. Piezoelectric ceramic transducer is an electronic ceramic material with piezoelectric characteristics. The main difference from a typical piezoelectric quartz crystal that does not contain ferroelectric components is that the main components of the crystal phase are all ferroelectric crystal grains. Ceramics are polycrystalline aggregates with randomly oriented grains, so the spontaneous polarization vector of each ferroelectric grain is also disoriented.
If a transducer made of such piezoelectric ceramics is put into water, then under the action of sound waves, charges will be induced at both ends of the transducer, which is a sound wave receiver. In addition, the piezoelectric effect is reversible. If an alternating electric field is applied to a piezoelectric ceramic sheet, the ceramic sheet will become thinner and thicker from time to time, and it will vibrate and emit sound waves. In order to make the ceramic exhibit macroscopic piezoelectric properties, the piezoelectric ceramic must be polarized in a strong DC electric field after firing, and the end face is subjected to multiple electrodes, so that the polarization vector of the original disordered orientation is preferentially oriented in the direction of the electric field, and after the electric field is eliminated , The piezoelectric ceramic after polarization treatment will maintain a certain macroscopic residual polarization strength, so that the ceramic has a certain pressure.


Piezoelectric ceramic discs, ceramic rings, rectangular piezoelectric pickups, ceramic tubes, ceramic squares, ceramic tiles, drawings of various specifications can be customized.
Ultrasonic pressure ceramic wafer product features:
1. The impedance is lower than 2 ohms
2. The waveform is stable
3. High electromechanical conversion efficiency
4. Low dielectric loss
5. Low calorific value


Our company specializes in the production of various specifications of piezoelectric ceramic wafers, conventional cleaning, welding, medical wafers, and custom-made wafers of various specifications, as well as ultrasonic cleaning transducers, ultrasonic beauty spatulas, probes, etc.
Our company has been 11 years since the establishment of the factory. It has mature technology, stable performance and favorable prices. It has a production capacity of more than 200,000 pieces per month. It also carries out enterprise ISO9000 quality system certification every year. Welcome to contact us!


Piezoelectric Ceramic For cleaning machine     
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