NOXZERO Reduce car exhaust emissions Diesel Series Car

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Product Overview


Product Description

Function&Technical Information

1. Induces the complete combustion of the engine's fuel and improves thermal efficiency.
2. Let the coolant reach the ion activated state to achieve the best cooling efficiency.
3. Effectively improve fuel economy.
4. Reduce harmful exhaust emissions.
5. Increase power performance, reduce engine noise and jitter.

Five minutes after injecting NOX ZERO into the radiator, the cooling water temperature will reach 32-35 degrees, and a large amount of cation fluctuations and anion fluctuations will be generated. This phenomenon can repair the small defects of the car itself, by letting NOXZERO and the built-in ECU in the car Communicate with each other to ensure that the car reaches its best condition, reduce excessive emissions of waste gas, and achieve maximum efficiency with less fuel.

Product ingredients

material ingredient
Distilled water, Propylene Glycol, Vinaigre De Bois, Tourmaline, Germanium.
Material composition
Use environmentally friendly natural 
materials Process: 
Manufacturing using nanotechnology and new material catalyst fusion technology (Korea Patent Office patent number: 16-184351)
NOX ZERO (fuel-saving antifreeze) is manufactured using nanotechnology and new material catalyst fusion composite technology, which can improve engine fuel economy, reduce exhaust emissions by 50-80%, and extend engine life.
NOX ZERO (fuel-saving
antifreeze) is manufactured using nanotechnology and new material catalyst fusion composite technology, which can improve engine
fuel economy, reduce exhaust emissions by 50-80%, and extend engine life.

The recommended proportion for diesel vehicles

Why choose NOX ZERO

Six reasons for you to choose NOX Zero oil saving and environmental protection liquid 
1.Natural environmental protection
2.Purifying odor
3.Contain bacteria
4.Saving fuel consumption
5.Life extension
6.Heat dissipation and anti boiling

How to Inflood the NOX-ZERO

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Company Profile

BAISFU corporate culture
Shaanxi BAISFU Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and FOR WORLD KOREA.CO.LTD of South Korea jointly developed the "NOX ZERO" fuel-saving and environmentally friendly liquid product manufactured by using nanotechnology and
new material catalyst fusion composite technology. Located at the beginning of the Silk Road, the ancient capital of Chang'an,
Baisifu is a new technology enterprise focusing on the field of automobile energy saving and environmental protection. The company is committed to advocating a green and simple life and creating an industry benchmark for low-carbon, energy-saving and environmentally friendly products. Baisifu people are committed to-continuous precision strategy, cutting-edge creativity, outstanding execution and perseverance; always adhere to the principle of customer first, maximize the interests of partners as the pursuit, and constantly improve the company's corporate culture and business management system, relying on advanced management Philosophy and professional team, provide the best quality service for every customer and partner.
Corporate Vision: Provide customers with the best quality service and maximize product value
기업 비전:고객에게 가장 양질의 써비스 제공, 제품 가치의 최대화 실현!
Enterprise mission: create value for customers and achieve a win-win situation for partnership
기업 사명:고객 위해 가치 창조,동업 위해 상생 도달!
Business philosophy: harmony, integrity, refinement, and win-win policy
경영 리념:조화,성실,정교,상생!
Strategic goal: Let every car use Baisifu
전략 목표:모든 차량들이 佰斯孚를 사용한다!
Corporate slogan: Exploring the unknown and farther away, Bai Sifu leads the power
Product utility:제품 유틸리티
* Improve engine fuel economy 연비향상 완전연소유도
* Improve engine power performance 항균작용 산소발생
* Reduce engine noise and jitter 진동/소음감소–파동
Reduce exhaust gas emissions by 50%-80% 매연감소

NOX ZERO China Operations Center
NOX ZERO 중국지역 운영센터


The Certifications
patent certificate, Business certificate, Certificate of Registration, Agency certification, Business license

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