Лучшее качество, вакуумная панель, огнеупорная вакуумная Изолированная панель волоконной плиты 5 ~ 50 мм

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Product Overview


Products Description

Vacuum Technology Empowers Heat Insulation
By application of vacuum technology, the VACUUM INSULATION PANEL (or VIP) becomes one of the most effective and promising insulation materials. Now, the VIP has won appreciations worldwide, and becomes the very first choice for your insulation solutions.

Structure of VIP
Core Material: 
Composed by microporous materials with good insulation performance, normally fumed silica.
High performance gas barrier, with an aluminum layer, prevents vacuum failure.

Product Features

Super Insulation Performance
The microporous core material itself has good insulation performance. After being sealed in vacuum, its insulation performance becomes dramatically better, its thermal conductivity can reach as low as 0.005W/(m·K), even 4 times better than Aerogel.
Good Fireproof Performance
As its main composition is fumed silica, the non-organic material, the fireproof level of VIP can reach Level A, compared with most part of organic materials as XPS, EPS, or PU, the VIP can be safer during application.

Environmentally Safety
As its main composition is fumed silica, the non-organic material, no toxic or polluted gas emission. And we have passed the REACH and ROHS test reports certificated by SGS
Stable Quality
Several measures have been taken to assure the quality of products. And we guarantee the long-term stability of the vacuum degree of VIP.
Economic & Efficiency
Thanks to super insulation performance of VIP, when it is being applied practically, the insulation thickness can be dramatically reduced, which saves considerable effective space.


Thermal Conductivity [W/(m·K)]
Thermal Resistance [m·K/W]
Density [kg/m3]
Puncture Strength [N]
Tensile Strength [kPa]
Compression Strength [kPa]
Surface Water Absorption [g/m2]
Expansion Rate After Being Punctured [%]
Thermal Conductivity After Being Punctured [W/(m·K)]
Service Life [years]
Combustion Performance
 Level A
Working Temperature [℃]

Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.


Vaccine Cold Box
The storage and transportation of vaccine or other medical items usually needs strict temperature control measurement. With its great insulation performance, the vacuum insulation panel can easily meets the requirement.
Zerothermo focuses on human's health care. During the Covid-19 pandemic, our vacuum insulation solutions for vaccine cold box have been protecting numerous lives.

Cold-Chain Logistic
Building Insulation


Company Profile

Zerothermo Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company focusing on R&D, production, sales and service of vacuum insulation technology. The factory is located in Sichuan and covers an area of 70,000 sqms. Main products include vacuum insulation panel, integrated vacuum insulation and decoration panel, fabricated vacuum insulation and decoration wall panel, vacuum glass, vacuum insulated doors and windows, solar photovoltaic glass, healthy and energy-saving building, cold-chain insulation material and composite material.
The company has a high-level innovative R&D team and is one of the editing institutions of Vacuum Insulation Panel National Standard. Zerothermo has participated in multiple construction of demonstration projects led by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China, which have been selected into Important Projects Library of Made in China 2025.

Since the founding of the company, we have been searching for the best solutions for Insulation. By serious attitude and professional spirit, we will devote every effort to promote the development of world's energy saving industry.

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