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"Gift products
These products are assortment gift products. The finest nori from Ariake sea are used.
In Japan, there is a custom of sending gifts as a seasonal greeting. Nori is suited as a gift, since it can be used in variety of dishes.

Product Introduction

High Quality Japanese Nori Gift Products

Nagai’s finest “ISO NO KIRAMEKI”
Nagai’s finest roasted seaweed, with great taste, flavor, and colour. Using only the finest seaweed grown in the Mikawa Bay makes this seaweed very special.

Country of Origin:Japan
Ingredient:Dried Seaweed

Assortment of Roasted and seasoned seaweed ”GOLD”
Assortment of high quality Japanese roasted and seasoned seaweed. Those are our most popular gift products.

Country of Origin:Japan
Ingredient:Dried Seaweed

Dried Shiitake Mushroom Gift
Japanese log-grown dried Shiitake mushrooms from Ooita prefecture.
We carefully selected high quality ones to pack.

Country of Origin:Japan
Ingredient:Dried Shiitake Mushroom

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High Quality Japanese Nori Gift
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Company Profile

NAGAINORI have established in 1947, and have been manufacturing and selling seaweeds since then. We are one of the top seaweed manufacturer and wholesaler in Japan. We do business with wholesale stores, mass retailers, supermarkets, convenience store and restaurants mainly in Japan, and our products are used for home use and business use. We have acquired ISO9002 in 2001, and ISO9001 in 2007.

The only official way to buy nori seaweed (ingredient) in Japan is to participate in bid meeting by fisheries cooperatives.
There are 5 major nori seaweed producing areas in Japan; Ariake Sea, Seto Inland Sea, Aichi, Chiba, and Miyagi. We, Nagai Nori, have bidding rights in 4 of those arias; Ariake Sea, Seto Inland Sea, Aichi, and Miyagi. Only few companies have rights in 4 areas.
This means we can buy nori seaweed directly from Fisheries cooperatives all over Japan, so we can provide various quality nori to our customers with competitive price.

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