Semi Automatic Tablet Capsule softgel Counting Machine Tablet Capsule Counter

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1. The number of particles can be set arbitrarily from 1-9999.
2. Vibrating feeding and rotary cutting design, the feeding speed can be adjusted infinitely for manual bottle placement.
3. The inside of the machine is equipped with a dust suction channel, which can be connected to a vacuum cleaner to absorb dust.
4. Photoelectric sensing technology, the particle precision is over 99.7%.
5. No need to change the mold, the tablets and capsules can be adjusted at will.
6. GMP compliant.

110-220V 50HZ-60HZ
soft capsule size
6-22mm(more than 6mm )

Operating Steps
1. Check the disc to make sure there are no tablets or other debris.
2. Pour the tablets into the disc, make sure not too full.
3. The feed opening set into a plastic bag.
4. Adjust the height of the lift plate.
5. Turn on the power; check whether display of detection sensitivity (sensitivity adjustment refer to Troubleshooting).
6. Set number, such as inventory is set in 1000 or more.
7. Return to zero.
8. Turn vibration switch, adjust vibration, note whether tablets on the disc are one by one ordered, and not overlapped.
9. When the tablet counting is finished, it will automatically count the other side.
10. Please note that whether sensitivity indicator flashes normally in operation, and do sampling often; if abnormal should
immediately stop the machine.
11. When operating please make sure not so many tablets are poured into the disc, so that they are not overlapped and wrong
counted.12. Avoid placing the machine near the windows, outdoors, or in the sun.

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1. When the machine is delivered, we will attach a video of the installation and operation of the machine, so that you can use the machine quickly.
2. All electrical appliances of our machines have a one-year warranty, and we will replace them if they fail.
3. When your machine fails, we will have professional engineers to provide professional online after-sales service to help you solve the problem.
4. If the problem cannot be solved online, we will arrange an engineer to repair it on site

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