Factory Price Transparent Water Based Nano Cement Preserver

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Product Overview


Products Description

Product Parameters

Basic Material
fluorine contain silicone compound
Gloss of dry film
no film
PH Value

Company Profile

Being the pioneer of high-performance waterborne paint and eco-friendly chemical specialties in Taiwan since 2007. Vital Chemical Co., Ltd. has established many categories of eco-friendly products and became a reliable consultant for lots of worldwide customers.

Technology of Vital’s waterborne products
Using the DEN technology developed by Vital’s team. Develops consumer water-based paint to achieve the best performance as general solvent-based coating with multi-functional properties for different applications.

An excellent, stable dispersion technique usually plays a crucial role on the waterborne product.
Vital develops patent dispersion technique and introduces advanced instruments to proceed the procedure.
This technique includes physical and chemical methods simultaneously.  To be aimed at the agglomeration of the powder, the main purpose is to eliminate the hard and soft agglomeration.
The method of high-power ultrasound can solve hard agglomeration so as to eliminate the soft agglomeration.
On the aspect of the chemical method, the main purpose is usually focusing on preventatively avoiding the re-agglomeration.

Two liquids which are not miscible, when one is dispersed in another by the type of particle calls emulsion.
When the emulsion occurs, due to the expansion of the liquid interface, it is not a stable system on Thermodynamics.
Vital focuses on the development of the multiple emulsion of hydrophilic and hydrophobic organic substance for over twenty years. In order to stabilize the emulsion, and reduce the interfacial energy, the adding of the unique patent emulsifier is indispensable, so as to produce water based product with stable property.

Nano Technology
The essence of the Nanotechnology is to create enormous bet-surface area, and bring about outstanding results. However, the smaller the grain size is grinded, the more difficult for the particle to be dispersed stably.
As a result, Vital makes use of the patent dispersion technique and advanced nanotechnology equipment in order to decrease the size and to solve the problem of the dispersion at the same time perfectly.
Finally moves forward to produce high-concentration nano particle dispersion.

Why Choose Us

1.High flexibility: We make modification for all customers to meet the demand.
2.Consulting service: We provide the professional consultant service before customers place the order.
3.On time response and delivery: Our team will reply customers within 5 hours and make the fast delivery for the products.
4.Doctor of equipment: We are professional to many kinds of painting equipment, can help you to use our paint smoothly in the factory.
5.High-performance: We use safe and unique material to make our paints more outstanding than others.



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