Best price solar hot water heater heat pipe solar vacuum tube

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Product name
Heat Pipe Solar Vacuum Tube
Three target coating solar vacuum tube
All-glass double-tube co-axial structure with copper heat pipe
All-glass double-tube co-axial structure
Glass material
High borosilicate glass 3.3
Outer tube diameter and glass thickness
Ø=70±0.7mm &=2.0mm
Φ=47±0.7mm &=1.6mm ±0.15mm
Φ=58±0.7mm &=1.6mm ±0.15mm
Φ=70±0.7mm &=2.0mm ±0.15mm
Inter tube diameter and glass thickness
Ø=37±0.7mm &=1.6mm;
Ø=47±0.7mm &=1.6mm;
Ø=58±0.7mm &=1.6mm,
Φ=37±0.7mm &=1.6mm ±0.15mm
Φ=47±0.7mm &=1.6mm ±0.15mm
Φ=58±0.7mm &=1.6mm ±0.15mm

Coating  layers
Sediment method
Three target magnetron sputtering plation
Absorption ratio
Emission ratio
Vacuum tightness
Heat loss
0.4~0.6W/ (m². °C)
Copper condenser
1mm thick, 14mm dia, 550mm length
Copper pipe
0.6mm thick, 8mm dia, 1700mm length
Aluminum fins
2 pieces
Resist cold
Resist high temperature
Hail resistance
Ø25mm/ Ø40mm
Service life
15 Years

1.On heat pipe collector,the condenser zone of the heat pipe is inserted to the copper sleeves which are distributed on the water
pipe averagely.
2.After the solar energy is absorbed by the vacuum tubes,it is transferres to the heat pipe through the aluminum fin.
3.Heated by the energy,the medium in the heat pipe is working and transferring the heat energy to the condenser zone.
4.When water or other medium in the water pipe flows across the copper sleeves,they would bring the energy and be heated.
5.The heated waer or other medium makes water in the tank hotter by walking across the coils in the tank.

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