Brand New Biodegradable Paper Handle Eco-Friendly Paper hand with High Quality

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100% Paper Handle
100% Paper
Primary Color; White; Blue; Black; Brown; Green; Army Green; Rose; Light Green; Purple; Deep Purple; Pink; Navy Blue
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Company Profile

Our Company
We are Populus, we are a group of thoughtful and energetic young people.
We love life, we are happy to find beauty in life and share it with everyone; we are also happy to create things that can provide convenience and comfort to life.
We love the earth, we are happy to provide more protection for the earth's ecological environment, and we are happy to contribute all our efforts to the control of the earth's pollution sources.
Therefore, "life" and "environmental protection" are the core of our persistence. The biodegradable paper handles we have successfully developed so far have not only inherited the practicability of traditional plastic handles, but also made up for all the shortcomings of plastic handles, such as higher aesthetics, more scientific in ergonomics, and much easier disposal, etc.
Every detail in life deserves attention; every life on earth deserves to be treated kindly.
While we are enjoying life, we can meticulously improve the ecological environment, which will become our next goal.
We will develop more products that are more acceptable to people to life, and more conducive to environmental protection.
Hey, every one, come on! The environment we live in is sinking into a quagmire, and the earth we are coexisting is infinitely close to collapse. Hurry up and act! Let us work together to improve the ecological health of the earth!


1) Q: Can this paper handle carry heavy loads like plastic handles??
A: Yes! The paper handle can carry 15kg~25kg.

2) Q: Can the paper handle be customized to the required specifications?
A: The width can be customized.

3) Q: How many colors and styles are there for paper handles?

A: The color can be customized to your like. There are 27 styles for you to choose. Please contact us for details.

4) Q: What packaging is the paper handle currently used for?
A: At present, paper handles are often used on carton packaging of digital, electronic products, electrical appliances, and food.

5) Q: Does the paper handle have relevant certificates?
A: The paper handle has a patent certificate and a bearing capacity test report.

6) Q: Can I get a sample of the paper handle?
A: Yes. And, we can provide you with free samples. You just need to pay for the shipping cost.

7) Q: What is the minimum order, please?
A: We can make a quotation according to your needs.
However, it is recommended that you order in a 20-foot container.

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