Good Quality 3 Head Integrated Stove 220V Induction Cooker Modern Cooking Induction Stove

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3 Head Integrated Stove 220V Modern Cooking Induction Stove

 Product Model:
Product Size:
Bulit in Size:
Display power:
Left Gas:4500W+Mid infrared cooker:2000W+Right induction cooker:2200W
Actual Power:
Left Gas:4500W+Mid infrared cooker:2000W±50W+Right induction cooker:1850W±50W
Rated Voltage:
Rated Frequency:
Product Material:
Microcrystalline board + metal shell
Operation Mode:
Touch control
Net Weight:
Gross Weight:
Color Box Size:
2 years

1.The new 3-head integrated stove, gas-electricity mixing, realizes that one stove in the kitchen can be fried, boiled and stewed at one time, allowing you to easily and quickly get a meal;
2.The whole board of microcrystalline board: waterproof and oil-proof, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, high-temperature resistant, easy to clean, never fade, never crack.
3.Stir-frying, soup-making function design, concave round bottom, large heat concentration, no picking the bottom of the pot,
suitable for stir-frying, electric pottery slow-fire stewing, no picking of pots, suitable for boiling soup, one-button operation, convenient operation;
4.The microcrystalline panel, gas and electricity mixing, without losing the hot and delicious flavor, the overall simplicity and elegance, full of inspiration, and continuous interpretation of modern style and modern cooking concepts
5.Modular design of right electric components, simple installation, worry-saving, time-saving, labor-saving, all-copper heating plate, all-copper choke coil, all-copper power cord, heating plate super large heating area, ultra-quiet blower has good mute effect, and the noise is better than conventional The induction cooker is less than half, creating a quiet cooking environment, making it more comfortable to use
6.85-280V ultra-wide operating voltage,applicable to more regions
7.Anti-electric shock function: use isolated power supply to supply power to the operating part, and the operation button will not
get an electric shock when people are in contact with the ground

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1.Can I get Free samples for test from your company?
Samples are avialable, all customers must pay the sample fee and shipping cost, when you place an order to us, the sample fee will return back to you.

2.What is the MOQ of your products?
The MOQ of our products is 500 pcs for one model one size.

3.We'd like to print our Logo on the appliances,Can you make it?
We provide OEM/ODE service which including logo printing, gift box, carton box, rating label,etc.

4.How about the Delivery time?

15-20days after the receipt of deposit and confirmation all designs. based of normal condition. Sample can be deliveried in 5-7days.

5.What's your Payment way ?

Basically, our payment method is to create a credit insurance order online to make a transaction. Small orders are paid in full and then shipped, large orders are paid 30% deposit, and 70% of the balance is paid before shipment.

6. What is a credit guarantee order?
Credit guarantee orders are established on the Alibaba website, guaranteed by Alibaba, and the entire transaction is completed on the website. Alibaba International Station can provide sellers with credit endorsements, guarantee transaction security, and quickly facilitate transactions. Credit guarantee orders can guarantee the delivery date and quality of the goods, and the interests of both buyers and sellers can be well protected to avoid unnecessary losses.

7.Are you factory or trading company?
We're a factory to mainly induction cooker home appliances for many years, We provide OEM/ODM services.

8.Do You have the ability to do independent research and development?
We have a professional technical team of 20 people, and have a strong ability to carry out ODM projects, to fully meet the customer's product experience.

9.What IGBT do you use?
We provide imported and domestic IGBTs at different prices. Different specifications, powers and parameters are used in strict accordance with the engineer's design with different IGBTs.

10.Do you have a special configuration that you can provide?

We can provide SCHOTT plates, Japanese AEG, German EGO plates.

11.What kind of technology is holographic projection?
In terms, the induction cooker cannot see the buttons at different points. When it is powered on, the buttons will be projected on our microcrystalline board for display, so it is a button switch with breathing.

12.What does magnetic suspension stove mean?
The magnetic suspension stove makes full use of the principle of the magnetic suspension train. During the heating process, its magnetic suspension is in the air, so that the heating is more uniform and the heating is more comprehensive. Magnetic suspension stove is an E-class no open flame developed by our company. It only uses electric energy, and is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and efficient.

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