LGT Saber DamienSaber, разноцветный металлический штырь, тяжелый дуэль, RGB-лезвие Xenopixel Proffie, гладкая качели, оптовая продажа, световой меч

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Product Overview


Product Presentation

Baselit with smooth swing, Xenopixel, Proffie board
Aluminium alloy 6063 hilt,Polycarbonate blade
Items in package
Lightsaber hilt,blade,USB charging cable
High quality and blade is very strong not break easily
Size of blade
92cm long 2mm(Neo 3mm) thickness bullet tip,1inch OD removable blade
One year with replacement

Electronics description
All lightsaber must have chassis to protect the electronics inside to support heavy dueling.

Removable battery
Smooth swing sound board
Electronics kit with chassis

Detailed Images

Sound fonts
4.Kylo Ren
5.Obi Wan
6.Earl Dooku
7.Fallen Order
8.Luke Skywalker
9.Dark Saber

Baselit with smooth swing: We are the only factory in China now who have smooth swing technology in base lit saber.
Xenopixel: We are the only factory in China who can do best price with best quality in Xenopixel saber area.
Proffie board: We are the only factory in China who have copy right of proffie board.

Removable battery, Removable electronics, High light loud sound support heavy dueling, Pre-power on, Blaster, Lock-up, Flash on Clash, 9sets sound fonts, Volume adjustment, Light effective adjustment, Force, Music, Smooth swing.

Customize service
We provide OEM and ODM service.
We accept custom packaging, custom hilt designs, custom soundboard modifications, and custom proffie board and settings. We can also customize many other accessories on request.

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Company Introduction

Our goal
Our goal is simple -
We aim to make the dreams of Star Wars fans come true. We are famous for keeping improving our products and features. We endeavor to maintain the highest quality. We always try our best to make every
customers and distributors satisfied. We are the strong backing of distributors. We are proud of the reoputation we have earned in
lightsaber market. Welcome to join our LGT family, and share in the happiness only an elegant weapon can bring!

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