Immune booster Vitamin C gummy with zinc and echinacea

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Haoze hot sale Vitamin C gummy

Product Name
VC gummy
Vitamin C+Zinc+Echinacea
Fine gummy candy

1. Vitamin C can improve immunity, fight aging, prevent and treat pernicious anemia, maintain the integrity of cell membrane, and maintain the normal function of bone and teeth
2. The main role of zinc is to enhance human immunity, promote wound healing, promote human growth and development, and maintain human normal appetite.
3. Echinacea boosts the immune system by boosting the growth of lymphocytes.
Another important effect of echinacea is antiviral, echinacea can stimulate bone marrow cells to produce cytokines, promote the proliferation of B lymphocytes and inhibit the growth of tumor cells.
Echinacea was first found to promote tissue growth and wound healing.

1. Can I get some free sample?
Yes, we offer free sample to client but the shipping cost will be paid by client.
2. How to place order online?
Performa invoice will be sent after confirmation from the client along with our bank details. In the same time we also accept PO as an confirmation to prepare the shipment.
3. How to make payment and what is the payment term?
Payment can be done by T/T, Credit Card, Western Union, PayPal and more.
4. How about delivery time?
Delivery time is about 3-5 days after payment made. But this need to be checked with sales person if there is stock.
5. Is there any discount?
Yes, some of the products is apply for discount, but it depends on the quantity.

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