evaporative cooling pads poultry house curtain chicken for cooling poultry

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Water in the sink, side box, bottom groove in the middle with thickness, length, height, wateralso has the mesh;At the bottom of the tank with multiple orifices;Cover cover on the sink;Bottom tank is equipped with drainage holes, can collect from the water drain the water,increase water utilization;Water piece of plastic material, mesh is hexagonal honeycombmesh, mesh back and forth between for hole, hole wall with a through hole, the structureof water is advantageous for the ventilation and water penetration, adoption of plastic watermildew resistance, durability and cleaning, greatly reduces the use cost, prolong service life.

The wet curtain is black and the frame is silver white
Square, rectangle
Subject to customer needs
Strong water holding capacity, mildew resistance, long life, evaporation cooling efficiency of more than 80%, ventilation does not
decline, can be high-pressure cleaning
The water curtain is made of plastic, and the outer frame is made of PVC, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, etc

Schematic diagram of wet curtain ventilation and cooling

Horizontal water curtain cooling system
Longitudinal water curtain cooling system
Negative pressure ventilation system

Using polymer materials and spatial cross-linking technology, it has the advantages of strong water retention, mildew resistance, and long life.
Evaporation cooling efficiency is more than 80%

Natural water absorption, fast diffusion, long-lasting efficiency, green, environmental protection, safe and energy-saving, economical and applicable.

Ventilation does not decrease, can be cleaned under high pressure, long service life, no deformation, no blockage

The outer frame is made of PVC, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet and other materials

Schematic diagram of installation of wet curtain frame

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