Floor Warming System Intelligent Electric Underfloor 220v Heating Mat

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Product Overview


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Heating Mat

* Twin-conductor cable.
* Safety approved for wet locations.
* Durable construction, adhesive-backed fiberglass mesh for the fastest and most secure installation.
* Flexible and quick installation, simply roll out the mat without worrying about heating cable spacing.
* 25 years limited warranty.

Other Products

High Temperature Flame Retardant Carbon Fiber Heating Cable

Working Voltage
Carbon Fiber Model
Withstand Voltage
Heating material
Japan Toray Carbon Fiber

Features: High and low temperature resistance, no expansion and contraction, strong voltage resistance and flexible. Good insulation and more safety. High efficiency, good energy saving, long service life.

Application : Electric Heater , Electric Blanket , Jade Mattress, Jade Cushion , Physiotherapy Couch , Slimming Belts, Medical Equipment , Beauty Equipment , Car Seat Heating , Warm Uterus Belt , etc.

Metal Heating Cable

Power per meter of length
Cable diameter
Heating Material
Alloy heating wire
Max. Working Temperature
Min. Installation Temperature
Shielding Layer
Cooper Foil
Testing Voltage

Product Advantage:
*The cold and hot lead wires adopt German insulation materials, with multi-layer and multi-insulation technology to
ensure that the cable has almost zero failure rate
* Using German high-quality heating materials, long service life
* Adopt high temperature resistant, high voltage resistant, penetration resistant environmental materials, after 6,000 volts of high voltage continuous multiple tests
* German precision multi-layer insulation sheath eliminates electromagnetic fields , without any electromagnetic radiation.
* The insulation layer of the cable is made of German high quality fire-retardant silicone, which can enhance the flexibility of the cable without any hidden danger
* Tensile resistance nylon is Germany's high quality protective clothing material, flame retardant, the use of cables is more secure
* Germany high density safety waterproof sheath, safe to withstand the mechanical stress at the installation, and to ensure the waterproof efficiency, so the installation in all areas to ensure safety

Floor heating system is heating cable as heating source, laid in a variety of floor tiles, marble and other ground materials. After the heating cable is electrified, the electric energy is converted into heat energy. The floor is heated first and then the heat is evenly distributed in the indoor space and the floor in the form of low-temperature radiation. A hidden ground heating system is formed for safety and comfort, high efficiency, energy saving, no maintenance and independent use of each room through intelligent control system.

Products are applicable to
residential, villas, apartments, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, government institutions, gymnasiums, factories, venues, greenhouses insulation, aquaculture insulation and other places.

Armored T-Type Carbon Fiber Heating Cable

Working Voltage
Working Temperature
Carbon Fiber Model
Insulation Resistance
>1000 MΩ
Operating ambient temperature
Withstand Voltage
Withstand Temperature
Maximum service temperature
Surface Temperature of Cable Heating
Heating material
Japan Toray Carbon Fiber
Skin Material
Inforced Steel Mesh, Super High Temperature Vulcanized Silicone Aging Resistant Flame Retardant Silicone

Strong Resistance and Strong Bending Resistance
Heating material used Japan Toray Carbon Fiber,the insulation materials used imported FWA (ultra-high temperature material) and reinforced stainless steel mesh from America.The production process is complex and the safety performance is high.Under the working condition of the 50MA current circuit, there is no break in the carbon fiber and insulation sheath material when it is bent for 100,000 times (national standard for 10000 times) (30 times/min).

Good Insulation
Heating insulation material have good insulation, the insulation is greater than the specified value, in the insulation experiments, the hotline immersed concentration 0.8%, 20℃ Celsius under normal temperature brine in electricity, insulation resistance is greater than 2000 MΩ (standard is not less than 10 MΩ)

Fast Thermal Conductivity, Good Energy Conservation
The surface temperature of the same wire function is 3-5 degrees higher than that of the metal heating cable. It has high thermal efficiency and saves electricity

High safety performance
The current is relatively safe, and its safety exceeds that of any other similar products

Long service life
The heating materials used carbon fiber material purified from non-metal material, without power attenuation, and its outer insulation layer is made of FWA (high temperature resistance of 550℃). The outermost layer is made of steel mesh, which is more corrosion-resistant, cringe-resistant, not easy to damage and has a longer life.

Application : Electric Heater , Electric Blanket , Jade Mattress, Jade Cushion , Physiotherapy Couch , Slimming Belts, Medical Equipment , Beauty Equipment , Car Seat Heating , Warm Uterus Belt , etc.

Company Profile

Gucheng Nuandi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise in Hebei Province, dedicated to the development , production and sale of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental electric heating products (carbon fiber heating cables, flame retardant electric cable, electric floor heating, heating mat, etc.), we are the largest manufacturer of heating cable in Hebei Province, providing the most professional technical guidance of electric heating.
The company has a high-quality technology and management team, has a number of national patents, is a member unit of the China Floor Heating Committee, passed the IS9001 quality system certification, national testing, and was recommended by the Ministry of Engineering and Construction. The main drafting unit of China carbon fiber heating cable industry standards.
We are implementing our slogan: "The industry leader in carbon fiber heating cables." The sales network has been spread all over the country, with more than 500 dealers nationwide.

Our Advantages

* China Biggest Carbon Fiber Heating Cable Production Base
* Possess 17 Modern Product Lines
* New High-Tech Enterprise
* AAA Credit Enterprise
* Five Stars Service Enterprise



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