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DF-1L single layer glass reactor, also called: glass vacuum reactor, extractor, multifunctional reactors, it can make various of solvent synthesis reaction under the condition of constant temperature. The reactor part is controllable sealed structure, which can use negative pressure continuous inhalation of various liquids and gases, and make reflux or distillation under different temperature. Our company use the years of production practice and absorb domestic and international advanced technology, launched the latest multipurpose products. It is convenient to use and beauty in appearance, affordable, and it is a ideal equipment for modern chemical, new material synthesis test.
It is through the oil bath pot (tank) into the constant temperature (high temperature or low temperature) heat solution or coolant to heat or cool the material in the reactor, and can provide stirring. The device can process vacuum stirring reaction, distillation condensation reaction, extraction and separation, and reaction heat experiment, we can through the water by condensing coil in the oil bath to achieve the effect of rapid cooling, material react in the reactor, and can control the reaction solution's evaporation and reflux, after the reaction is completed, the materials can be released from reactor lid opening or the discharge port. the operation is very convenient.


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Technical parameters

asic parameterModelSingle layer glass reactor
Volume 1L
Glass materialGG-17
Main bodyStainless steel
Number of covered bottle5
Reaction temperature of the reactorroom-200ºC
Degree of vacuum-0.098Mpa
Stirring speed60-1000pm
Stirring shaft diameter7mm
Motor Power40W
Heating power1KW
Whole size320*330*1000mm
Function deviceSpeed regulation methodElectronic variable speed
Rotating speed display modeNumber display
Pot temperature display modeNumber display
Sealing methodPTFE material seal,
CondenserVertical40*400mm 24#Standard port
Drop wise250ml Constant pressure funnel 24#Standard port
Drop adding device/
Temperature test tube19#Standard port
Collecting deviceTwo adapter headband with collection bottle
Vacuum display methodVacuum table
Stirring connection methodUniversal joints
Stir barDescribed stainless steel rods, outsourcing PTFE

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Kori instrument is a professional worldwide manufacturer of Lab Chemical instrument.

We specialist in designing and manufacturing of laboratory instruments including Glass Reactors (Single layer glass reactor with heating bath , Jacketed glass reactor for heating and cooling ,Triple layer glass reactor for heating cooling vacuum ), Rotary Evaporator/ Rotovap and Vacuum Pump, Circulating Water Oil Bath, Chiller , Heating and cooling All-in-one Equipment and other related products.

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