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YXD-650 Plus
Print Head
2pcs original Eps I3200 print heads are installed as standard
Printing Technology
Piezoelectric inkjet printing technology
Rip Software
Pigment Textile ink
Ink Supply System
Closed-loop ink supply system,white ink stirring system,white/color independent cleaning system
Suitable on material
Printing size
Max 600mm wide
Printing speed
10㎡-15㎡-/hour,the white one print 23㎡--30㎡-/hour
Support image format
Priniting resolution
Max 2400dpi
System support
Best working enviroment
Out put interface
USB 2.0
Power Supply
AC110-240 VAC,50/60HZ
12 months warantty except print head and ink system comsumables

Double LED display, double control area. The function is clear and the operation is simple.
2pcs I3200 print heads are standard, and the print head configuration can be added.

The maximum printing width is 60cm, which is suitable for printing in more sizes.
The white ink circulation system prevents the white ink from solidifying.

Ink volume alarm, alarm promptly when the ink volume in the ink cartridge is insufficient.
The printing table heats up to accelerate the solidification of the ink.

The feed valve moves forward and backward synchronously, lifts up to open the feed, and presses down to close and fix.
Other details display (logo stickers, emergency shut-off valve, cooling fan).

Heating Wide
Max 60cm
Heating Stage
There are 3 stages of heating,1.Induction heating(There is a stainless steel connect the printer,to dry ink first)2.Heating fan,set the temperature 50-60C.3.Long bar heating lamp
Heating Lamp
There are 4 long bar heating lamps on the upper,Infrared ray heating,set temperature as 120C,there is a bottom heating plate setting 50-60C
Smoke Eliminator
Absorb smoke while running the powder machine,enviroment friendly,need extra cost

The front support plate can be heated and can be folded.
The operation panel has clear functions and simple operation (mark the working part of the machine corresponding to each button).

Sprinkle powder evenly (adjustable speed) to avoid waste caused by too much hot melt powder in the chassis, and too little will affect the firmness.
Equipped with an automatic induction system, which can automatically complete the transmission of PET film.

4 rows of 8 high-temperature heating tubes, uniform heating, to ensure that the powder is completely melted uniformly.
The mesh Teflon conveyor belt is resistant to high temperature and more durable.

The front and rear suction system stabilizes the PET film to prevent movement and scratch printing.
1.Automatic collector,matching the printing speed to automatically collect PET film.
2.The cooling system consists of 9 high-speed fans, with strong wind, and rapid cooling and solidification.

For You

Original L1800 A3/A4 DTF Printer
both PET rolls and sheets can be printed.

Modified L1800 A3/A4 DTF Printer
with upgraded functions, both PET rolls and sheets can be printed. It can be used with the mini shaker to form a roll-to-roll DTF printing solution.

DTF-300 Plus PET Film Printer
Specially born for printing roll film. Support A3/A4 size. The speed is 10 times that of L1800.

YXD-650 Roll-To-Roll DTF Printer
Except for the difference in hardware configuration, the functions are basically the same as DTF-650 Plus.

YXD-I3200 DTG & DTF Multifunction Printer
There are two configurations of single station and double station, both of which support DTG printing and DTF printing functions.

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