High Heat AB Adhesive Solution Carbon Composites 2 Part Epoxy Resin Hardener For Crafts

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Product Overview


Product catalog
1.Wood resin
2.Pouring resin
3.Crystal glue
4.Art tabletop glue
5.Beach transparent resin
7.Fluid painting resin
6.Transparent resin for lighting
8.3D painting crystal glue


Product name
Casting Epoxy Resin for River Table
Transparent liquid
Wooden table, countertop, handmade, floor
Epoxy Resin and Hardener
No Bubbles,Bright in Surface,Odourless,Self Leveling, Natural Defoaming
Product safety
Eco-friendly,Non-toxic,Free BPA ,NO VOC,Anti-yellowing

Packing: Sample Loading Of Small Bottles/ 5kg bucket or customized

Material A
Material B
Can be packed according to customer requirements
5kg / barrel
5kg / barrel
20kg / box

Product Description

Room temperature curing two-component transparent epoxy resin adhesive has the following characteristics: low mixing viscosity and good defoaming; It can be used for a long time at room temperature and solidified rapidly at medium temperature; Excellent mechanical properties and low shrinkage after curing; The cured product has the advantages of good light transmittance.

Different uses and models:
For example, the ratio of bar countertop, desktop and countertop is 1:1. The proportion of epoxy floor is 2:1 and the proportion of cast riverbed is 3:1
Easy to use
Mix the same amount of resin and hardener according to the volume ratio according to the purpose. The working time is about 45 minutes until the resin begins to become sticky. The time is long enough to process most resin crafts with this high gloss epoxy resin kit. Mix the resin evenly and slowly without bubbles
Multiple applications
Craft crystal transparent epoxy resin and hardener kit is suitable for jewelry, wood, metal, steel art, painting, oil painting, woodworking carving, flowers, animal earrings, necklaces, rings, key chains, hair, sticks, eggs or other creative projects.


Thick cast super epoxy resin
1. Slow curing, low heat and low temperature, and the pouring thickness can reach 2 "- 4" each time
2. Crystal clear, highly transparent and yellow resistant
3. The dilute liquid is easy to handle, free of bubbles and self leveling
4. Pigment has excellent color stability
5. Non toxic, 100% solid, low VOC, low odor
6. There is no ripple and bubble after curing
7. Good transparency and mirror like surface gloss
8. Polish after drying
9. After drying, the hardness is as high as stone
10. Can automatic leveling and defoaming

Usage display

Dosage details
1.Turn on the scale and set it to G mode, place the cup on the scale, peel it off and remove it
2.Pour glue in proportion (for example, 30g glue A and 10g glue B)
3.Stir clockwise until the glue drops are clear and transparent without wire drawing
4.Add toner or other fillers
5.Pour into the mold
6.After complete solidification, demoulding can be carried out(Summer is 24-48, and winter is a little longer

About us


1: What is the minimum order quantity and delivery time for casting epoxy resin?
A: MOQ: 1000kg. For the first cooperation, less quantity can also be accepted, and the delivery time is 3 working days.
2: What terms of payment do you accept?
A: Payment by T / T and L / C at sight. If you have good reputation or our long-term cooperation, OA. DP and CAD are also feasible.
3: What is your manufacturing process for casting epoxy resin?
One is the chloride method and the other is the sulfate method. We can supply products according to your needs.
: 4: can you accept OEM of epoxy resin casting?
Yes, we can pack according to your requirements. Both bags and labels can be your brand.
5: Can you export to Europe?
Yes, we have arrived. Therefore, there is no problem for the United States to export to the European market.
6: Are you tested?
Yes, we accept the test. You can apply for any test.
7: Can you provide samples of cast epoxy resin for our test?
Yes, no problem. Please contact us. We can provide samples.

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