KOMODO 04 agricultural rough road farm detective tracked robot chassis

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Products Description

KOMODO-04 Medium-sized Rubber Track Robot Chassis

The chassis suspension of K-04 adopts Christie and Matilda four-wheel balanced suspension, which can adapt to heavy-duty shock absorption. The whole vehicle is equipped with 6 shock absorbs, combined with the unique impact energy absorption design, which can effectively reduce the impact of terrain. This scheme can be widely used in complex terrain and environment.

Operation Speed
Black Blasting
Main Material
304SS / Alloy / Aluminum
IP Code
Ground Clearance
Rated Load
Damping system
Left and right independent * 6 oil pressure damping
Max paylod
Max Over-obstacle
Max Climbing
48V DC Brushless
Track Width

Configuration List

Robot chassis
RC Controller & Receiver
Control driver
Robot Antenna
Li-po battery
Battery Charger
Paper Instructions
Tool box

Customization Choice

Can customize color, width, height, speed and power according to customers needs.

Model Choose

Controlling System

Controller Specifications


Function of transmitter

Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine
PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.
Aero basic
•V tail •Twin Aileron Servos
•Elev-flap mix •Twin Elevator Servos
•air brake •Snap roll
•Gyro mixing
Glider (3 wing model: 1A+1F/2A+2F/1A+2F)
•V tail •Twin Ailerons
•Elevon •Butterfly
•5 flight conditions (normal, start, flying, distance, landing)
•IDLE- DOWN (ACRO), THR-CUT (ACRO HELI) (engine shut off), and MOTOR CUT (GLID) setups to allow
precise engine/motor control for taxi and landings.
•15 model type memory
•New stick design with improved feel, adjustable length and tension.
•Triple rates available by setting dual rates to 3-position switches.
•Eight SWITCHES, 3 DIALS and 2 SLIDERS; completely assignable in most applications.
•Trainer system includes the“functional” (FUNC) setting, which allows the student to use the AT9’s mixing,
helicopter, and other programming functions even with a 4-channel buddy box. (Optional trainer cord required.)
•AT9 transmitter features airplane friendly switch layout, with the trainer switch at the left hand (Mode 2), and a
notched throttle to minimize throttle changes with rudder input. Defaults to ACRO model type.
•AT9 transmitter features helicopter-friendly switch layout, with idle-up and throttle hold switches at the left hand,
and a smooth, ratchet-less (unsprung) throttle for perfect hovering. Defaults to HELI(H-1 swash plate type)
model type
Helicopter (8 swashplate types, including CCPM )
• 3 Idle Ups • Throttle and Pitch Curves per Condition
• Revo. Mixing • Gyro Mixing including Separate Settings per Condition
• Delay • Governor Mixing
• ATTITUDE (Normal, attitude, GPS, hover, F/S, Aux)
• Throttle curve
• Mix programmable

DC Brushless Variable-speed Motor Driver

Working Pressure
Working Temperature
Peak current A
Continuous current A
Hall sensor N-m
60/120 Electrical angle
Rated current Amps
Frequency PWM kHZ
PI Speed
Closed loop regulation
RC Speed command speed/s
Moment of inertia Kg·mm2
Speed command voltage range V
PG speed pulse output mm
24 Pulse @ 8 pole

Under voltage over voltage protection, alarm diagnostic output, current loop speed for switchable, with switches and potentiometers for parameter setting, short circuit / over temperature protection, safety reversing, safe start, and radiator.

1) The winding wire may interfere with the Hall signal, so the Hall line should be separated from the winding wire, and the two cannot be wound together. Interference may cause the drive to work abnormally. When connections of the motor and the drive are too long (more than 500mm), the shield wire should separate the winding wire and the Hall line.
2) The user power supply should be met in the no load to 80% of the peak current load; the voltage must be within the specified range.
3) In order to ensure the normal operation of the drive, the insulation resistance of the Hall wire and the motor winding wire and the Hall wire winding wire and the chassis is greater than 100 megohm (500VDC), and can accept 600VAC / 50Hz / 1mA / 1 Second pressure does not breakdown.

Typical wiring diagram
1)Control port
F / R-positive and negative control, high or no wiring for forward, low or ground reverse;
EN-enable interface, high or no wiring is disabled, low or ground is enabled, generally connected to GND;
SV-0~5V Speed command voltage (input resistance 112K);
PG- Speed pulse output(OC);
* LED Light instructions

SC- Light on short circuit, not working properly;
P/A- The light has been powered on and blinks for the drive alarm;
SHAFT- Turn on the motor and turn it off;

a, Hall signal is not correct; b, under voltage or overvoltage;
c, short circuit or overheating (80 degrees Celsius); d, continuous overload over 5 ~ 6s;
e, the alarm status can be reset by power off once or not once to clear the normal return to normal;
Drive settings
R-SV potentiometer for the SV ratio set, R-LG potentiometer for the loop gain settings; R-PC potentiometer peak current ratio set;
R-RT potentiometer for the speed command voltage rise time setting.

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Our office located in Shanghai China, welcome to visit us and do on site inspection any time. During Covid-19 period, we support on line factory visit and video meeting.
We have 2 production center and a 24-person engineer team with more than 2000 sucessful projects experience. We establish service teams for all of our customers to make sure each project's efficiency.
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1. Are you factory or only company?
We have factory to produce all kinds of chassis and complete solutions, such as firefighting robot, inspection robot, boat cleaning robot, etc. And attracted by our sufficient customer servise experience, we also authorised as general agency for some other brands.

2. Can you provide samples?
Due to the high cost and large volume for each model, we are sorry for not provide samples. But we support on site and the 3rd party inspection before delivery. Thanks for understanding.

3. How about the price and quality?
All of our products and accessories experience strict quality control process. We make sure all products we provide are newest model not eliminated stock ones.And we aims to provide the lowest price but with the best quality and service.

4. What payment term and how long the payment period?
T/T, 30%-50 deposit, balance before shipment after receiving our OQC report. We ask for 100% payment before shipment for new customers, for our A level customers we offer special payment period to help ease financial pressure.

5. How about the shipment?
Our packing meets international shipment standard.
We can quote the price base on FOB, CIF & CNF with sea shipping or air as you like, you can choose our forwarder or yours accordingly.
If Certificate of Country of Origion were needed, please let us know in advance.

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