Zirconia Ceramic Deep Groove Ball Bearings 634CE 635CE 636CE 637CE 638CE 639CE 6300CE

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Product Overview



Product Type :


Ceramic Deep Groove Ball Bearings   


Structure and Material :


        The rings and balls made by full ceramic material : ZrO2 , as a standard constructure, the cage made by PTFE .





Product features :


      Full ceramic bearings have excellence performance as special electrical and magnetism resistance , wear and corrosion resistance , lubrication and maintenance free when working , especially high and low-temperature application .etc. Could be used in awful environment and specially condition .


Images :




Series products :


design60..CE Series : 604CE 605CE 606CE 607CE 608CE 609CE 6000CE 6001CE 6002CE 6003CE 6004CE 6005CE 6006CE 6007CE 6008CE 6009CE 6010CE 6011CE 6012CE 6013CE 6014CE 6015CE 6016CE 6017CE 6018CE
62..CE Series : 624CE 625CE 626CE 627CE 628CE 629CE 6200CE 6201CE 6202CE 6203CE 6204CE 6205CE 6206CE 6207CE 6208CE 6209CE 6210CE 6211CE 6212CE 6213CE 6214CE 6215CE 6216CE 6217CE
63..CE Series : 634CE 635CE 636CE 637CE 638CE 639CE 6300CE 6301CE 6302CE 6303CE 6304CE 6305CE 6306CE 6307CE 6308CE 6309CE 6310CE 6311CE 6312CE 6313CE 6314CE
64..CE Series : 6403CE 6404CE 6405CE 6406CE 6407CE 6408CE 6409CE 6410CE 6411CE 6412CE
68..CE Series : 684CE 685CE 686CE 687CE 688CE 689CE 6800CE 6801CE 6802CE 6803CE 6804CE 6805CE 6806CE 6807CE 6808CE 6809CE 6810CE 6811CE 6812CE 6813CE 6814CE 6815CE 6816CE 6817CE 6818CE
69..CE Series : 694CE 695CE 696CE 697CE 698CE 699CE 6900CE 6901CE 6902CE 6903CE 6904CE 6905CE 6906CE 6907CE 6908CE 6909CE 6910CE 6911CE 6912CE 6913CE 6914CE 6915CE 6916CE 6917CE 6918CE 
16..CE Series : 16001CE 16002CE 16003CE 16004CE 16005CE 16006CE 16007CE 16008CE 16009CE 16010CE 16011CE 16012CE 16013CE 16014CE 16015CE 16016CE 16017CE 16018CE 
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Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A1: We are manufacturer.

Q2: Do you provide free samples?
A2: Yes, We provide samples.

Q3: How about the quality?
A3: We have the best professional engineer and strict QA and QC system.

Q4: Can we be your distributor?
A4: We are looking for distributor and agent all over the world.

Q5: How’s the package?
A5: Normally are cartons, but also we can pack it according to your requirements.

Q6: How’s the delivery time?
A6: It depends on the quantity you need, 1-25 days usually.




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