2021 горячая Распродажа OEM Velhice освежитель воздуха/дезинфектор Устранение запаха/плесени убивает вирусы/формы/бактерии разложение формальдегида

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Cai Air Purifier

Product Description


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Car Disinfector/Freshener/Deodorizer




Kill Virus/Mold/Bacteria Eliminate Odor/Mildew Decompose Formaldehyde


No Ozone, No Filtration, No Electricity

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TT, L/C, Paypal, Western Union





1. How to use this product?

Answer: Tear off the aluminum film of the package first and pour all of the granular material into the smaller, bottom canister. Then, put the larger canister on top of the smaller, press it firmly until there is a “click” sound, and then check whether the whole product is fastened tightly. It can then be placed where needed for use:


It is mainly placed in the car to disinfect and purify the air in the car in real time, continuously killing bacteria and molds on the surface of inner car, as well as removing musty smells and formaldehyde;

It can be placed on desks, conference tables, room countertops, students’ desks, or carried around with you to disinfect the nearby air on the go; and

It can be placed in toy boxes, supplies boxes, storage boxes, and storage rooms to continuous sterilize and disinfect the items in them.


2.How does this product disinfect?

Answer: The built-in disinfection material, FAUCI AAPG Material, can actively and slowly release pure gaseous bactericidal agents into the nearby air, killing almost all kinds of viruses or bacteria in the air immediately.


Compared with similar competing products on the market, what are the differences and advantages?

Answer: The vast majority of similar products on the market are mainly divided into odor absorption types and fragrance covering types. These products cannot solve the root cause of the continuous accumulation of peculiar smells and odors in the refrigerator—the growth of food bacteria and mold. Therefore, in addition to the lack of potency of odor elimination and only having a short-term effect, there is no freshness-preservation effect.

 There are also some refrigerator freshness preservation and deodorizing products containing hypochlorous acid and chlorine dioxide fungicides on the market, but the limitation of the technology renders a short window of effectiveness. At the same time, hypochlorous acid has a certain degree of toxicity, and chlorine dioxide sterilization alone is less efficient than our products, so a higher concentration is required. An exorbitantly high concentration of the chlorine dioxide is not a better choice.

The built-in FAUCI AAPG Material in the FAUCI Car Air Disinfector adopts advanced ROS active oxygen technology and bactericidal agent slow-release technology independently developed by our company, which can slowly and stably release safe and efficient pure gaseous chlorine dioxide molecules and ROS active oxygen ions for a long time.


3.Is this product safe to use for humans and animals??

Answer: The trace-level ROS active oxygen produced on the surface of the built-in FAUCI AAPG Material of this product is the same as the most important and inseparable substance in the human body that kills viruses and bacteria. It is also a natural substance and is within the trace range. It is beneficial and harmless to the human body

Regarding ClO2, it isn’t one of the major three risks (carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic) and has a safe level of disinfectant. Chlorine dioxide disinfectant has been confirmed for long-term scientific experiments and repeated demonstrations, and is recognized as ideal to use in medical and health, food disinfection, antiseptic preservation, drinking water treatment, etc. According to the management standards of China National Food and Drug Administration GB5749 and GB2760, it can be used as a drinking water disinfectant and food additive. In the occupational environment standards of WHO and national standards of various countries, the upper limit of the allowable concentration of ClO2 in the repeated and long-term working environment is 0.3mg/m³, and the release concentration of our product is fully guaranteed to be lower than this standard.

At the same time, FAUCI Car Air Disinfector (the built-in FAUCI AAPG Material) has passed the relevant CMA/CNAS testing: the acute inhalation toxicity test conclusion is shown to be non-toxic; the cell micronucleus test shows there is no cell tissue mutation and no genetic toxicity.

FAUCI AAPG Material and related products have been widely used in China and some other countries since the end of 2019 for the prevention and control of the pandemic, and no adverse reactions have been found so far.






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