Laptop Charger 19.5V 2A Power Adapter DC Size 6.0*3.0Mm AC To DC Power Adapter For Notebook

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Product Overview


Product Description

19.5V 2A Power Adapter
Type : Laptop Power adapter
Input /AC : 110/220Vac ( ±15% ) ; 50/60Hz
AC Plug Type : UK/US/CN/EU
Output /DC : 19.5V*2A
Output Power : 39W
DC Pin Size : 6.0*3.0Mm
DC Cable Length : 1.2M/1.5M/Customized
Packing : Box Individual Packing
Outer Packaging : 50PCS/CTN
Warranty : 1 Years
Application : This power adapter is widely used in Laptop


19.5V 2A Power Adapter

Input specification
Input voltage : 100-240V ( worldwide use)
Input frequency : 50-60Hz
Device Type : Plug in adapter
AC Port Plug Type : AU/UK/EU/US/Universal

Output Specification
Output Voltage/Current : 19.5V*2A
DC connector size : 6.0Mm*3.0Mm
Voltage regulation : ±0.3V

Protection function
Overload Protection : Beyond the rated power 5%-10%, automatic recovery
Over-voltage Protection : 10%-13%Out of rated voltage
Short Circuit : No damage for short circuit,automatic recovery

Operating temperature : 35°C-55°C
Storage temperature : -20 °C-85°C
Humidity : 5%-25% No condensation of moisture

Weight : 
Ripple : ≤230MV
Size : 
Safety standards : CE FCC ROHS

Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

Door Openings
Internal Dimensions

Max G.W
Max Payload
2438 mm
2591 mm
5898 mm
2591 mm
2896 mm

Air Transport
1. Advantages: short transportation time, suitable for goods with small volume and tight time requirements.
2. Disadvantages: The price is too expensive, which greatly increases the cost.
By Sea
1. Advantages: The freight is relatively cheap.
2. Disadvantages: long transportation time, greatly affected by the weather, unable to carry to inland countries and regions.
Rail Transport
1. Advantages: fast running speed, large carrying capacity, little influence by climate, strong accuracy and continuity.
2. Disadvantages: logistics costs have been high.

Installation Instructions

Notice 1
The power adapter has a nameplate indicating power, input and output voltage, and current. It is worth noting the input voltage range. Generally speaking, a power adapter with an input voltage of 110V-240V can be used globally and is suitable for all countries and regions.

Notice 2
Please accurately calculate the total power of the equipment to avoid using the power supply at full load.
Generally, the equipment has a margin of 20%. For a load with a motor, a power supply that is more than twice the power of the equipment should be selected to ensure that the power supply will not be burned out when starting up instantly.
If you need to use it continuously for a long time, please reserve 50% of the power supply to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power supply.

Notice 3
Before use, please confirm whether the size and positive and negative polarity of the power supply DC plug are the same as that of your device. The DC plug of this product is universal with standard outer diameter 5.5mm* inner diameter 2.1mm and 2.5mm, and the polarity is positive and negative.

Company Profile

Guangzhou Zishen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
ZISHEN is focusing on offering LED switch power, waterproof switch power,rainproof switch power,AC-DC power adapter and CCTV camera power. Withe the over load protection, over voltage protection and high temperature protection. ZISHEN wins customer’s favor by its high efficiency, reliability and long life span. Our switch powers are widely used in industrial automation field, indoor and outdoor LED lighting, LED lighting engineering.


Q1:What is your MOQ of switch power?
A:Our MOQ is 1 piece.

Q2:How many year warranty of your Led driver?
A:One year.

Q3:Do you offer sample of power?
A:Yes,We offer free sample,but you need pay the shippment.

Q4:Do you have switch power factory?
A:Yes,we are OEM & ODM manufacturer in Guangzhou.

Q5:Is your power with copper transform or something?
A:We can do with complete copper transform and copper cladding aluminum.

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Main Products
Switching power supply : IP20 5V/12V/24V/36V/48V series switching power supply and IP67 waterproof power supply, rainproof power supply!
AC/DC adapters : There are mainly notebook adapters (covering the main circulating brands on the market) and display adapters (mainly 12V/24V series), and wall-mounted adapters (mainly 5V/9V/12V/24V series)!

Common Problem Solving

1. Cable failure
Cable faults, including the power cord is damaged and not energized, the contact port is oxidized and the contact is poor. Focus on checking whether the input line and output line are energized. If the line is faulty, it can be solved by replacing the power cord.

2. The output voltage is too low
1. Switching power supply load short-circuit failure (especially DC/DC converter short circuit or poor performance, etc.). At this time, first disconnect all loads of the switching power supply circuit and check whether the switching power supply circuit is faulty or the load circuit is faulty. If the load circuit is disconnected and the voltage output is normal, it means the load is too heavy; or it is still abnormal, it means the switching power supply circuit is faulty.
2. The failure of the filter capacitor or rectifier diode at the output voltage can be judged by the replacement method.
3. The performance of the switching tube is degraded, causing the switching tube to fail to conduct normally, increasing the internal resistance of the power supply and decreasing the load capacity
4. Poor switching transformer not only causes the output voltage to drop, but also causes insufficient excitation of the switching tube and damages the switching tube.
5. The poor 300V filter capacitor results in poor load carrying capacity of the power supply, and the output voltage will drop as soon as the load is connected.

3. The output voltage is too high
Excessive output voltage generally comes from voltage stabilization sampling and voltage stabilization control circuits. In the closed control loop composed of DC output, sampling resistor, error sampling amplifier such as TL431, optocoupler, power control chip and other circuits, any one of the components will cause the output voltage to rise.

4. The fuse is blown out or blown out
Mainly check the rectifier bridge, each diode, switch tube and the large filter capacitor on 300 volts and other parts. It may cause the insurance to burn and turn black, or it may be caused by a problem with the anti-interference circuit. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the fuse is burnt due to the breakdown of the switch tube, which usually burns out the power control chip and current detection resistor. The thermistor is also easy to burn out along with the insurance.

5. The fuse is normal, no output voltage
The fuse is normal and no output voltage indicates that the switching power supply is not working or has entered a protection state. The first step is to check the value of the startup voltage of the startup pin of the power control chip. If there is no startup voltage or the startup voltage is too low, check whether the external components of the startup pin and the startup resistor are leaking. If the power control chip is normal, the fault can be quickly found through the above monitoring. If there is a startup voltage, measure whether there is a high and low level jump at the output of the control chip at the moment of power-on. If there is no jump, it means that the control chip is damaged, the peripheral oscillator circuit component is damaged, or the protection circuit is faulty, and it is controlled by replacement. Chips, check the peripheral components, and check them one by one; if they are changing, most of them are bad or damaged switch tubes.

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