Hang-on Nursery Fish Tank with Isolation Breeding Hatchery

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 Breeding Box & Hatchery – Breed & Raise Fish!!!

Fish Isolation Box can reduce danger, that will prevent your fish from attacking the newborn fry in the breeding box. It is ideal to use for isolating diseased and weakened fishes. It also can protect sick fishes, small fishes or shrimps from aggressive large fishes.

It works as a hatchery too, suitable for many different breeds, such as bettas, guppies, medaka and other species too. These are all viviparous fish breeds, which means that many other species that are a part of this category, will do just fine in this hatchery.

You can use the box to separate aggressive fish, like Bettas, from the others in the community. Also, if one of the fish in the tank got injured, you can put it inside the box, to prevent any further health issues on his part.

It doesn’t occupy too much space, leaving enough room for the other fish to swim around in the tank. You can install it using the suction cup included in the box. Also, it has a self-floating design, making it child’s play to set up.

The incubator installed in the box is suitable for many species of pregnant fish (like the ones mentioned above). Be sure to put these specimens in the incubator, without leaving out any.

Package Includes:

1 x Fish Breeding Box

2 x Breeding Tank Hanging Hooks and Screws

3 x Fixing Suction Cups

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