Typical Apulian Snack Taralli with Fennel Seeds and EVO Oil for starters and aperitifs 250g

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Our Traditional Tarallini Line

Tarallificio Ester’s tarallini come from our long family tradition and experience

Golden, crispy and tasty: our tarallini are the Apulian snack made of premium ingredients and realised following the authentic recipe and the traditional method.

Why choose our taralli?

- Traditional Method

- Boiling and Wire Drawing: the ancient process that makes taralli shiny and crispy

- With 100% Italian Flour

- With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

- Palm oil-free

- Preservative-free

You can taste our tarallini in two different formats:

Flavours available:

- Classic Recipe
- Fennel Seeds
- Chilli Pepper
- Onion
- Pizza
"Small size, same taste"

- Classic recipe
- Fennel Seeds


The origin of tarallo is still uncertain; indeed there is considerable disagreement about where and when taralli were born.
Taralli probably take origin in Southern Italy countryside.
A legend narrates that during a famine in Middle Ages, a countrywoman, to feed her children, put together a few poor ingredients she had in her pantry: wheat, wine and oil. From the dough she made little rings, immersed them into boiling water and baked them.
Next as a protagonist of social moments, they were usually eaten in front of fireplaces drinking a glass of good red wine.
Indeed, an Italian famous proverb just comes from that ancient habit: “everything ends up with tarallucci and wine”. It refers to a friendly environment or a happy ending after the resolution of a dispute.
Even if its origin is still subject of discussion, what everybody agrees about is that Apulian taralli are an authentic delicacy.
Practical snack at break-time, taralli are also considered as a great substitute of pasta or bread during meals.
Perfectly matching with red wines, beers and cocktails like Spritz or Americano, the Apulian crispy doughs absolutely represent the perfect glue in an Italian Aperitivo.
So, we can affirm that taralli are the Italy’s answer to potato chips. Made with simple ingredients such as wheat flour, white
wine and olive oil, taralli are definitely far from junk food.
If you have never been to Puglia, trying taralli in a local bakery is a good enough reason to plan a trip around the “heel of Italy”.
Tasting them during a happy hour by the seaside or in a bar enjoying the suggestive view of Apulian Romanesque Cathedrals would be
worth your while.
We suggest you to try taralli with Primitivo wine and some of the best Apulian typical appetizers: mozzarella bites, plump green olives, oven-baked black olives flecked with hot pepper, bits of salami, tiny one-bite pizzette, pickled lampascioni and sun-dried
tomatoes… and if you come, don’t forget to dip taralli in a glass of red wine. One will lead to a dozen.


Tarallificio Ester: Apulian taralli producers since 1985

Based in Southern Italy, Tarallificio Ester is a run-family business specialised in the production of Apulian taralli in full respect of the traditional recipe.

Tarallificio Ester represents the perfect fusion between tradition and technological innovation.

The company - currently managed by the third generation of its funding family - pursues its original aim: the realisation of taralli faithful to the Apulian tradition, yet with a proactive look at the new consumer trends

Tarallificio Ester also stands for industrial innovation, high quality standards and selection of Italian premium raw materials

This allows us to offer our consumers Italian authentic products with excellent flavours and nutritional values. 

Over the years, we have formed valuable partnerships with local and international traders, gaining experience also in export and private labelling.

Indeed our know-how, attention on quality assurance and liability have led us to work as supplier of international large-scale retailers in Italy and abroad.


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