black aluminum small spare parts of outboard motor without engine forward gear propeller

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this is the link for outboard motor without engine ,
it means u will receive the outboard motor except engine

this is suit for 52cc engine or others if u can,

Forward gear!

more details u can contact with us to check

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Wuyi Shuanglu Hardware Tools Co., Ltd.
The company was established in 1992 and produced power tool accessories from 1992 to 2005. Since 2005, the company has expanded its production scale by increasing the production of outboard motor and inflatable boat and other outdoor leisure products.
The company's current main sales markets are the United States (29.5%), Canada (26.6%), Europe (18.8%), Australia (9.3%), Southeast Asia (7.8%) and other regions. The data is as of December 2020.
The company now sets up an Alibaba working group to accept orders of one quantity and orders for bulk cargo or containers.

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Product support bulk purchase and single-piece purchase
For single-piece purchases, you can choose shipping and express delivery according to different countries.
The freight is calculated by the system. If you have any questions, please contact us to calculate it manually.
Bulk purchases, there will be shipping discounts.


1. The difference between two-stroke and four-stroke:
Two-stroke means that the piston of the engine moves up and down twice to complete a cycle
Four stroke means that the piston of the engine moves up and down four times to complete a cycle
The advantages of the two-stroke machine: strong explosive power, simple structure, simple maintenance, light weight, fast machine speed
Disadvantages of two-stroke machines: high fuel consumption, high noise and high temperature
Two-stroke machine fuel: The fuel is mixed oil. It is recommended that 92# pure gasoline and two-stroke oil be mixed in a ratio of 25:1
The advantages of the four-stroke machine: high working efficiency, low emissions, fuel saving, low noise
Disadvantages of the four-stroke machine: the machine structure is complex and the product price is high
Four-stroke machine fuel: the fuel is pure gasoline, and the engine oil is lubricating oil. Please add gasoline and oil separately
Note: The oils of two-stroke machines and four-stroke machines cannot be mixed. Two-stroke machine oil is mixed fuel, and four-stroke machine oil is lubricating oil.

2. Do you need to refuel after receiving the machine:
Since the product is not allowed to contain liquids during transportation, each machine will empty the oil after the test. You will need to refuel after receiving the machine. (Four-stroke machine gasoline and oil tank should be filled separately. Two-stroke machine directly add the mixed oil, it is recommended that 92# pure gasoline and two-stroke engine oil be mixed at a ratio of 25:1)

3. Gear oil filling method
There is a screw on the gear box. Unscrew the screw to add gear oil. Each machine will be filled with gear oil before deliver, so you don’t need to add gear oil for the first time. Please add it according to your usage afterwards. It is recommended to check the gear oil every ten hours of machine use.

4. How to use the choke
When the machine is cold, please close the choke. When starting the machine, wait for the machine to warm up and then open the choke, and when the machine is running, you need to keep the choke open, otherwise the machine will automatically shut down. Closing the choke for a long time while using the machine will result in flooding of the cylinder. In case of flooding cylinder, need to remove the spark plug, the machine stand upside down for 1-2 days, you can re-use the machine.
choke switch symbol display: choke to the pipeline direction is open (ON) , to the other side is closed (OFF)

5. Storage and transportation methods
Gasoline is easy to oxidize and deteriorate when stored. Using deteriorated gasoline will cause difficulty in starting the machine and block the oil circuit. If you do not use the engine for more than half a month, please pour out the fuel.
The oil of the four-stroke machine needs to be checked after 5 hours working at the first use, and check whether the oil and air filter are normal before each use.
When the machine is transported or stored, the engine must be kept level to avoid fuel or oil leakage.

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