TDEM Transient Electromagnetic Equipment Geophysical TEM Equipment

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TDEM Transient Electromagnetic Equipment Geophysical TEM Equipment


Transient electromagnetic equipment (TEM) is an instrument for geological exploration using time-domain electromagnetic method (TEM), which has been developed rapidly in recent years.Its application scope involves various fields such as geology and mining, petroleum, water conservancy, electric power, railway, highway transportation, non-ferrous metals, national defense engineering, and has achieved remarkable results.It can be detected in exposed bedrock, cement ground, desert, frozen soil and water surface.The bed cover thickness can be explored effectively.Accurately divide stratum structure and concealed structure;Suitable for shallow groundwater exploration and geothermal water source investigation;Delineation and monitoring of groundwater contamination;Mine goaf detection;It can also be used for dam hidden danger and leakage of channels, reservoirs and other applications.


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Applications of TDEM Transient Electromagnetic Equipment Geophysical TEM Equipment


1. Detect aquifers, fault aquifers, coal seam structures and subsidence at ground level
2. Downhole detection of water storage structures in and around the mining area and in front of the driving head
3. To detect the burial depth and occurrence of good conducting ore body, and to detect ore accumulation structure
4. Detection of old kiln and its water content
5. Engineering exploration and environmental exploration
6. Oil and gas field exploration

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Standard configuration of WTEM-2 TDEM Transient Electromagnetic Equipment Geophysical TEM Equipment

01WTEM-2J TEM Receiver
02WTEM-2D 15KW TEM Transmitter
03Win10 Tablet PC to control the TEM system receiver and the system

 Optional instruments:

PTT-40A Antenna & Adapter

WTEM-2T/GPS Synchronized Controller

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1.1 Main Functions and Features

All-round optimization of WTEM-2J receiver: Except for the power switch, all operations are carried out in tablet PC through BlueT.

Improved WTEM-2T/GPS transmitter synchronized controller: a better GPS module and antenna with higher sensibility, faster in synchronization speed, compacter in size and lighter in weight.


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Support several synchronization mode:

a) cable synchronization

b) GPS synchronization


The latter two synchronization modes require a WTEM-2T/GPS synchronized controller. Once start up, it only takes no more than 2 minutes to get the transmitter and the transmitter synchronized if satellite signal is good.


High reliability, low power consumption: refined receiver and circuitry, sealed and rugged mechanical structure, ensuring high reliability, low power consumption and convenient operation.


Wide range of sounding depth: WTEM-2D transmitter can help to perform medium-deep or deep exploration in tens of meters to thousands of meters.


Remote control:pocket PC and BlueT wireless communication technology enable to operate the WTEM-2J receiver in 10 meters, such as setting up parameters, starting measuring, transferring and displaying the measured results.


High anti-interference performance: program controls the filter to give accurate power supply frequency; besides, data stacking and software filtration also do good to this performance.


Multiple channels, high measurement accuracy: operator could set number of channel, linear or logarithmic; crystal oscillator accomplishes timing, with stable and precise time-to-depth ratio. Sampling window arrangement is reasonable, imaging the true subsurface structure. It provides references to complex geological problems.


Short turn-off time: transmitter support swift turn off function, able to extend shallow exploration range. Short turn-off function provides software with accurate turn-off time to enable it to give accurate data.

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WTEM-2D/60 15KW Transmitter(Standard) Specifications:

Transmitting voltage≤250V
Transmitting current≤60A
Power supply frequencies0.0625Hz, 0.125Hz, 0.25Hz, 0.5Hz, 1Hz, 2Hz, 4Hz, 8Hz, 16Hz, 32Hz
Synchronization modeexternal synchronization (cable, GPS)
Power supplyinternal 12V9.6Ah lithium battery (or external 12V power supply) lasting for over 8 hours
Turn-off delay time1µs~1000µs


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