ISO13485 CE Certificate Centrifuge for Blood Separation Both PRP Therapy and Fat Transplant

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MANSON MM7 Low Speed PRP Centrifuge is designed  by our own Technologists. 

In order to fully release the function of PRP, we have do a lot of research on Rotor, Running Speed, RCF and Time of Acc/Dcc. When worked with MANSON PRP kits, it can extract the PRP more effective and also shorten the time, improve the work efficiency and make the whole treatment process.

PRP Centrifuge makes use of centrifugal setting to separate, purity and condense the granule. It can be widely used in the field of clinical medicine, biochemistry, genetic engineering and radioimmunology. It is ideal equipment for scientific research institute and hospital.

MM7 Centrifuge Features

A small and practical centrifuge for small sample volumes.

1. With unstainless frame, sturdy ,durable and safety; With fashionable Organic glass cover, and light weight.

2. Microprocessor control, It is controlled by DC brushless frequency conversion electromotor with low noise and vibration.

3. LCD display, Touch panel and digital display,humanised interface, easy to operate.

4. With protection of unbanlance and door cover, with function of alarming. It is safe and reliable.

5. Designed specially for Krean PRP kit, improved the survive rate of PRP(Platelet rich plasma).

6. Have special brake time programe, can extract the PRP 2 time than ordinary centrifuge.

7. All this model have their own advantages, if have question pls feel free to let us know.

8. It runs without carbon dust pollution,which can meet the requirements of lab.

9. Adopt special shock isolator for ideal effect of vibration damping,with the function of automatic balance.

10. Safety devices with error display including over speed, lid-locking, imbalance, etc.

11. Viewing port in the lid, RCF checking key.

Max Speed
4000 r / min
1980 * g
Max Capacity
Angle Rotor, 15ml * 8 Cups
Speed Accuracy
± 50 r / min
Available Tubes
8 – 15ml PRP Tubes
2 Years
Time Range
1 min~99 min
Power Supply
~220V 50 / 60Hz 2A
< 65 dB (A)
265mm*305mm*205mm (W*L*H)
NW: 8.5KG
Enviroment Requirements
Temperature:10℃~35℃, Relative Humidity: ≤ 85%

MM7 low speed centrifuge is composed of the main machine and accessories. The main machine is composed of case, drive systerm, control systerm and the part of mainpulation display. The rotor and centrifugal tube belong to accessory.

How to use it?

MM7 PRP Centrifuge for our Classic PRP Kit (3500rpm, 8minutes)


1) Withdraw Blood and Prepare PRP

  1. Fill PRP tubes with patient's blood. Soon after the sampling, turn the tube 180oupside down, shaking and mixing 6-8 times.

2) Centrifugation

  1. The blood is then placed in a centrifuge for 8 minutes at 1500g. Place tubes opposite each other to balance. Blood will fractionate. PRP(Platelet-Rich Plasma) will be on top and red blood cells and white blood cells at bottom, the platelet poor plasma is discarded.Concentrated platelets are collected into a  Sterile Syringe.

3) Aspirate PRP

  1. Right after Centrifugation, to aspirate the PRP. Be sure not to draw up the Red Blood Cells. Collecting all platelet rich plasma and ready to patients.


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