RSR De-icing Cable De-icing Heating Cable Roof De-icing Self-Regulating Heating Cable With Power Cable

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RSR roof and gutter heating cable kit de-icing electric heat cable with plug


RSR kit easily prevents the ice and snow from forming on roof and in gutter ,keep the house safe from ice snow dam.
RSR heating cable with a prefabricated plug for easier connection to AC power.
Typical applications include process temperature maintenance, frost protection of small diameter pipelines, tanks, valves,

Interior or Exterior
The heating cable kit with fluoropolymer or thermoplastic outer jacket is free and suitable for drinking water pipes. The kit isenergy saving and environmental protection, it is also UV protection.
For exterior laying, use additional kits. For interior laying, maximum applicable length is 60m.


1.Long life time: PTC semi-conductive matrix with high quality and excellent technology.
2.Low energy consumption: Due to unique PTC property, the cable adjust the output power respond to ambient temperature.
3.Excellent heat resistance: PTC semi-conductive matrix is treated by irradiation crosslinking reaction. High insulation resistance.
4.Cut to length: PTC semi-conductive matrix is composed of the infinite parallel connection of carbon particles, allowing it to be cut to the exact length required.
5.Easy for installation: Linear cable, complex installation available, never overheat when overlapped.
6.Low starting current: PTC 3 layer co-extruded technology, low starting current and low Attenuation rate.
7.Cable durable: UV protection, high and low temperature resistant, weather resistant.


RSR kit electric heating cable is typical applications include process temperature maintenance, frost protection of small diameter pipelines, tanks, valves,flanges.

MOQ 1000 meters
OEM and ODM available

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