Factory X flat tie concrete formwork flat tie metal wall ties

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Concrete Wall Forming Systems Metal Building Wedge Bolt, X Flat Tie and Wedge

Wedge pins are used with flat tie to tighten adjoining concrete forms, securing the flat tie and concrete form in place. The full set of the Symons Formwork Accessories including the Wedge Bolt, Long Bolt, Short Bolt, X-Flat Tie, One Piece Waler Clamp, Z Tie Holders & Waler Tie, J-Strongback Hooks and Strongback Ties, Scaffold Brackets and Turnbuckles.

Wedge Bolt have Standard Wedge Bolt, Long Wedge Bolt and Adjustable Wedge Bolt.

Standard X Flat Tie Ultimate Load 6000LBS

Heavy Duty X Flat Tie Ultimate Load 7000LBS

Steel Ply Forming System Accessories 
CommodityTypeSpecificationPackingMain Market

Steel Panel


Euro Panel&Fillers

Height 2"-10"

Width  4"-24" 

Korea F Steel Panel600mm-2400mmBundle Korea/Middle Asia


X Flat Tie

Standard Flat Tie 4"-48"

Ultimate 6000lbs


Heavy Duty Flat Tie 4"-48" 

Ultimate 7000lbs


Other Sizes Available


formwork-flat-tie.jpgFlat Tie




Other Sizes Available


Bundle+PalletKorea/Middle Asia
wedge-bolt.jpgWedge Bolt

1.Short Wedge Bolt 

2.Standard Wedge Bolt

3.Long Wedge Bolt

4.Adjustable Wedge Bolt


wedge.jpgWedge PinLength 79mm Small Bag+Ton BagKorea/Middle Asia

Round Type

Square Type 

Small Bag+Ton BagWidely Using
Loop-tie.jpgLoop Tie 


Turnbuckle.jpgTurnBuckle Form Anligner

Flat Plate

Bent Plate 

Adjustable Plate

z tie holderZ Tie Holder

One Size Only


 X flat tie (1).jpg


Related Accessories

Snap Tie System and Accessories 

Snap Tie

  1. Type: Plastic Cone Type, Steel Washer Type, Hex Nut Type

  2. Wall Thickness: 4"-48" accoding to 

  3. End Length: Short End 4-3/4", Long End 8-1/4"

Steel Wedge

  1. Feature: Heat Treatment

  2. Surface: Galvanized, Painted

  3. Weight: 180g, 210g, 250g 

  4. Main Market: American, Europe

Jahn Clamp 

  1.Type: Jahn A Clamp, Jahn C Clamp 

  2. Color: Blue, Red, Black, Pink and Silver

Snap Tie .jpg

More Products

Formwork Tie Rod System 

It is one of the most important system in a poured wall project used with various formwork accessories in concrete construction including formwork tie rod, wing nuts, concrete anchor nuts, hex nuts, connection tie nuts, washer plates, formwork wedge clamps, formwork spring clamps, water stopper/water barrier nut, combi plate nut, plastic cones, plastic tubes, etc.



Aluminum Forming System 

 Wall Tie: Full Tie, Nominal Tie

Pin: Flat Head Pin, Round Head Pin, Combo Filler Pin, OEM Supporting

Wedge: Straight Wedge, Curved Wedge



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