Fermented Dark Grapes dates fruit

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JIOU LONG JAI FOOD CO., LTD was founded in the late Qing Dynasty in China, and became popular since the Dauguang Emperor. It began with selling dried fruits, candied fruits, and various fruit beverages. Its famous Fermented Plum Juice, following traditional brewing techniques, is one of the most well-known beverages in the East. JIOU LONG JAI's fermented plum juice uses Osmanthus plums, and was popular amongst royal families and nobles. The company improved its products over hundreds of years, with strict ingredients selection, patented manufacturing techniques and fermentation processes, meeting current interests for natural and organic foods, thus creating a healthy concept to meet consumer's needs, while still improving its products through continuous research & development.


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Using patented manufacturing processes, preserving the original fruits' tastes and nutrients, JIOU LONG JAI's has formulated a line of Natural Lemon C, Lemon C enzyme liquid drinks, etc. The ability to preserve the Vitamin C in the products will help detoxification, consuming enzymes is amongst the most popular methods to lose weight and alkalize the body.
Using patented processing methods, traditional Taiwanese candied fruits and pickled vegetables have no added preservatives, yet maintaining a very long shelf-life. With a long history of producing high quality traditional pure dark sugar products, both nutritious and tasty, this line of products are the leaders of the popular Taiwanese dark sugar trend, 100% natural and original tasting.
Other JIOU LONG JAI popular products include Motherwort, Natural Hawthorn Juice, Functional Foods etc., which are sold worldwide and well-reviewed.

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