Машина для сушки арахиса мощностью 1-3 Тонны с лотками из нержавеющей стали 320

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Product Overview


Drying Machine Details

Model Catalog

Principle and Application

Heat Pump Dryer
The heat pump dryer uses the reverse Carnot principle to absorb the surrounding heat and transfer the heat to the material to be dried. The dryer is mainly composed of a heat pump dryer and a drying chamber.

1. Very energy-saving, reducing drying costs.
2. Automatic multi-segment timing tasks.
3. Automatic multi-stage temperature control.
4. Automatic multi-level humidity control.

Our Project

Lemon Drying Machine
Dehydrate 2 Ton of Lemon
Chili Drying Machine
Dehydrate 15 Ton of Chili

Tomato Dryer
Dehydrate 1 Ton of Tomatoes
Pineapple&Mango Dryer
Dehydrate 5 Ton of Mango

Fig Drying Machine
Dehydrate 3 Ton of Fig
Hemp Drying Machine
Dehydrate 10 Ton of Hemp

About Our Company

Guangzhou SIBIONO Drying Equipment Co Ltd
SIBIONO is a company specializing in the production and export of drying equipment.
Following services:
1. Customized production of high-quality drying equipment.
2. Provide free technical and training services.
3. Free spare parts.
4. Two year warranty.
5. Video after-sales and on-site after-sales.

Our Certificate

Packaging and Shipping Data

Total CBM
35 CBM
Total Weight
2500 KG
Mode of Transport
Sea OR Train
40 GP
Certificate of Origin

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Q : After-sales service: If the machine fails, how to repair it?
A :
Within 12 hours: Complete online video communication and find the cause of the failure.
Within 24 hours: Provide the best solution.
If the fault cannot be solved online, we will send an engineer to your company for on-site maintenance within 48 hours.

Q : Now the ocean freight is very expensive, can you provide the best transportation plan?

A : We cooperate with many shipping companies to get the best shipping prices. If you buy the dryer from SIBIONO, you can get preferential shipping costs.

Q : How to choose the drying machine that suits me?

A : We have a variety of drying equipment for you to choose from, including small heat pump dryers, medium and large heat pump
drying equipment.
Support custom drying chambers of various specifications, we will provide you with professional advice and dehydration solutions.

Q : Using a heat pump dryer to dehydrate food, will it cause nutrient loss?

A : The heat pump dryer uses hot air to dry food, similar to a natural dry environment, and can completely retain the flavor and
appearance of the food.If a microwave dryer is used, the microwave will cause a relatively large loss of nutrients. At the same
time, microwave ovens are harmful to people.

Q : Several main factors affecting the drying time of food?

A1 : Water content of food
A2 : The sugar content of food
A3 : The size of the food
A4 : The temperature used when drying food
A5 : Theambient temperature of the dryer is high or low 6. the water-locking density of the food surface

Q : How long does my food need to dry?

A: Different dehydration objects have differences in water retention, thickness, sugar content, and moisture content. You can
provide specific information, and we can provide you with suggestions.

Q :It is minus 20°C in winter, can the equipment operate normally?

A : We can install a closed-loop dehumidification device to condense the evaporated water into water and discharge it out of thedrying chamber.

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